Hello - Apologies in the I"m no a phonophile. Silly me. Believed it would be easy to relocate my Droid Razr Maxx from Verizon to TMobile. Once I got the TM sim card and also inserted into my Razr and also booted up it states: This sim card is native an unknown source. Climate the funny began...The TM human being told me I have actually to obtain Verizon come unlock it. Verizon says it is unlocked. TM says no it is not. I then go to the TM store. They speak adamantly that is locked. ...and so on... TM world say what I want is the PUK code. Eventually I speak to VZ technology support and also she says, "Oh. If PUK codes is what you want I have that right here." She then offers me one 8 number # v a 4 digit pin. She also give me a back up 8 number # through a 4 number pin. Ns think I"m residence free.Now what do I perform with this PUK? I uncover the listed below instructions and give the a try.PUK password unlock: Motorola Moto X | T-Mobile SupportTap the Phone symbol to open up the dialer.Note: If her phone is no yet PUK locked, touch Emergency speak to on the display screen where you enter the pin code.Enter **05***#Note: If this does not work, enter only the PUK code, climate the new PIN if prompted.When the phone displays "Unblocking PIN: Registration to be successful" tap OK.After that falls short I obtain the complying with message: The PUK girlfriend typed isn"t correct. You have 9 continuing to be attempts before SIM is locked..So I try it again v the various other number the VZ lady gave me and also I gain the adhering to message: The PUK girlfriend typed isn"t correct. You have 8 continuing to be attempts before SIM is locked.Does anyone REALLY know what the heck is walk on? ns don"t think either the TM or VZ people. Castle lie and also or don"t recognize shite. I could really usage some help here. -Thank you

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Welcome to the forum. I would be really shocked and surprised if a Droid branded phone call would job-related on the T-mobile network. The Droid line is a Verizon exclusive and also I extremely doubt the was developed with the radios necessary to pickup the T-mobile signals. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA technology, while AT&T and T-mobile usage GSM tech. The two space not compatible.I might be wrong, however that"s what mine gut is telling me. Perhaps someone else will have much more insight on the matter and will come along shortly...