Hello - Apologies in that I"m not a phonophile. Silly me. Thought it would certainly be simple to move my Droid Razr Maxx from Verizon to TMobile. When I gained the TM sim card and also inserted right into my Razr and booted up it states: This sim card is from an unknown source. Then the fun started...The TM civilization told me I need to acquire Verizon to unlock it. Verizon claims it is unlocked. TM claims no it is not. I then go to the TM store. They say adamantly it is locked. ...and also so on... TM human being say what I want is the PUK code. Eventually I talk to VZ tech support and she claims, "Oh. If PUK codes is what you want I have that best right here." She then offers me an 8 digit # with a 4 digit pin. She additionally give me a ago up 8 digit # with a 4 digit pin. I think I"m home cost-free.Now what execute I carry out via this PUK? I uncover the below instructions and give it a try.PUK code unlock: Motorola Moto X | T-Mobile SupportTap the Phone symbol to open the dialer.Note: If your phone is not yet PUK locked, touch Emergency Call on the display where you enter the PIN code.Go into **05***#Note: If this does not occupational, enter only the PUK code, then the new PIN if triggered.When the phone displays "Unblocking PIN: Registration was successful" tap OK.After that fails I acquire the complying with message: The PUK you typed isn"t correct. You have 9 continuing to be attempts before SIM is locked..So I attempt it aget with the other number the VZ lady gave me and also I get the following message: The PUK you typed isn"t correct. You have 8 staying attempts prior to SIM is locked.Does anybody REALLY know what the heck is going on? I don"t think either the TM or VZ people. They lie and or don"t understand shite. I might really use some aid here. -Thank you

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Welconcerned the forum. I would be really shocked and also surprised if a Droid branded phone would work on the T-mobile netoccupational. The Droid line is a Verizon exclusive and I very doubt it was built with the radios needed to pickup the T-mobile signals. Sprint and Verizon usage CDMA innovation, while AT&T and also T-mobile usage GSM tech. The 2 are not compatible.I can be wrong, however that"s what my gut is telling me. Maybe someone else will certainly have more understanding on the issue and will come alengthy soon...