We are thrust by a sense of accomplishment. Every day, us strive to be much better than us were the job before. At work, in ~ the gym, and in our personal lives, we look for improvement. That is the human being condition.

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But gains deserve to sometimes reason pain. We have to not sirloin to an easy solution there is no thinking around the ramifications. Buttock enhancement have the right to be wonderful, as lengthy as the is excellent in the ideal ways. For people who room unhappy with having actually a level backside, there room cosmetic alternatives that can aid remedy the problem. Dr. Daniel Markmann uses butt improvement surgery, and feels the the fat transfer and also buttock augmentation ideologies are the safest and most effective ways to develop lasting outcomes for standard patients.

Under Dr. Markmann’s expert leadership, Metamorphosis Plastic surgery can guide your aesthetic journey. Conveniently situated in Ellicott City, we proudly offer the Baltimore area and beyond. Call our office at your earliest convenience to learn about the safest, many stunning means to rise your backside.

We additionally offer digital consultations because that those who cannot visit united state in person. No matter where you log on, Dr. Markmann wants to connect.


What room Buttock Injections?Benefits of body Contouring

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Buttock injections are improvements that selectively add volume and meaning to the backside. Improvement can be approached a variety of different ways, and also these techniques must it is in discussed between the patient and surgeon well before any type of procedure bring away place.

It is important to note the Dr. Markmann, as well as the majority of skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons, typically do not use “butt injections” v a silicone-based filler. Historically, patients that receive butt injections that this type are dissatisfied. In enhancement to having actually unsightly results, there are risks associated with injections of this type.

Instead that silicone buttock injections, Dr. Markmann has actually perfected different approaches to round off out the rear-end there is no compromising the health and satisfaction of his patients.

Buttock Implants

Before we delve into the details the buttock injections, that is precious noting the Dr. Markmann provides safe, supportive buttocks implant options. These medical gadgets are do from encased silicone shells rather than injections right into the subcutaneous tissue.

Fat move for Buttocks

Instead of making use of silicone target injections, Dr. Markmann prefers the FDA-approved technique of grafting fat from your “problem areas” and transferring them come the backside. The doctor begins by hearne to her needs and aesthetic goals. Phone call him wherein you have actually a little excess bulk and he deserve to determine if it is a viable choice for fat cell harvest. Next, Dr. Markmann gently vacuums undesirable fat cells from her body and also purifies them for re-insertion.<1> these cells deserve to lift and volumize your back end, and also Metamorphosis Plastic surgical procedure is the ideal location to realize your aesthetic vision.

Benefits of body Contouring

Dr. Markmann is a fat move specialist and offers the Brazilian butt lift, which provides fat indigenous the patient’s own body. Patient who space dissatisfied through their absence of shape deserve to now enjoy having actually a more rounded figure as a an outcome of this procedure without unnecessary risk.

People are continuing to present interest in the Brazilian target lift procedure. It to be developed about a decade ago, and has been acquiring popularity ever before since. Patients deserve to safely, beautiful enhance your backside by having fat eliminated from one area that the body and also transferred come another. There is little threat of allergy or adverse reaction through the autologous fat transport procedure, since the patient’s own body fat is used.

The benefits of a Brazilian target lift space two-fold: the areas about the backside space slimmed if the rear finish itself is plumped. Fat grafting injections help achieve this score naturally and also safely.

Benefits of Fat carry to Buttocks

Harnesses the strength of her body’s very own fat cellsMinimizes risks of allergy reactions native synthesized fillersEnhances the contours of her backsideIncreased confidenceClothes fit an ext flatteringly

To endure the plenty of benefits that fat deliver to the buttocks, call Metamorphosis Plastic surgical procedure in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Eligible Candidates

If you want a rise on her backside, then fat transfer might be the perfect equipment for you. Great candidates need to have enough viable fat cells accessible in their donor website to contribute to the fat extraction process. Standard patients are those in great health through the ideal skin laxity along the buttocks.

If you battle with loose, excess skin, then a body lift may work far better for you. Dr. Markmann have the right to determine her candidacy for fat carry to the buttocks throughout your individual consultation.

Private Consultation near Baltimore

Every great transformation starts with a simple conversation. We evaluate the possibility to connect with our patients, even if it is it is in the form of ours blog or a one-on-one consultation.

Our Maryland buttock specialist surgeon can be reached at 410-469-6069 come schedule a consultation.

Often, Dr. Markmann finds that patients have many questions about buttock injections; they selection from “How much do buttock fat injections cost?” to “Can I choose silicone buttock injections or hydrogel buttock injections instead?”<2> In stimulate to attend to each of this inquiries, ours Baltimore buttock enhancement doctor invites you to schedule one initial consultation. Contact Metamorphosis Plastic surgical procedure today to request this appointment with Dr. Markmann.

Preparation and also Procedure

During the consultation process, you will receive detailed instructions on just how to prepare for your buttocks enhancement. This directions will certainly be tailored to your anatomy and cosmetic goals. In general, you will be advised to stop smoking several weeks before any surgery. You should additionally consider not taking details supplements the thin your blood. Optimal circulation is crucial to the fat grafting process. Not only do you want to heal effectively along your donor site(s), but you additionally want the blood vessels in your buttocks come facilitate the adaptation of your fat cells to their brand-new home.

At the office of our Maryland buttock expert, Dr. Markmann starts the move procedure through liposuction come harvest the fat. Fat deposits might be extract from one area approximately the buttocks, or if an ext fat is situated on the abdomen, it might be extract from that location. Next, the fat is processed and also purified. Finally, it is re-inserted into the target area: the buttocks.

The entire procedure might take approximately 6 hrs to complete. Dr. Markmann is thorough and also artful in his approach. Every case is unique, for this reason the duration of her procedure might be quicker, relying on the border of her body.

Recovery and also Results

The healing procedure unfolds in different way for every patient. In general, you space asked not to sit on your buttocks because that at the very least three main to permit them ample time to recover. Prevent strenuous task during this duration and be certain to take it the appropriate time off work. Rest is crucial component come recovery. Do no rush the heal process; an excellent results are worth the wait!

If you have questions or concerns around the healing protocols for fat transfer to the buttocks, please contact Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery.

Satisfaction and safety are the pair pillars of our profession. Dr. Markmann has honed his surgical an abilities to deliver the safest and most trustworthy results possible. Our glow reviews speak volumes. We space humbled by our patients’ kind words and strive to continue providing 5-star company to Ellicott City, Baltimore, greater Maryland and also beyond.

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How lot does fat transfer price in Baltimore?

Fat deliver is a delicate procedure involving several components that will affect the price the the procedure. Metamorphosis Plastic surgical procedure is proud to sell several financing options to help our Maryland neighbors afford the best care at the best price. We likewise run sometimes specials, so check ago often to view our seasonal discounts ~ above buttock enhancements. The price of wellness and development should never be prohibitive. 

Are buttock improvements safe?

It is extremely important to specify our state carefully. Any kind of reputable surgeon will certainly steer you away from silicone butt injections due to the dangers of directly adding foreign additives to subcutaneous tissue. Buttock implants are taken into consideration much safer because of their included nature. The FDA has not authorized hydrogel or silicone injections for target enhancement.Fat transfer, however, offers your very own cells to augment the size and also shape the your behind end. Due to the fact that they develop on a foundation of your own organic material, they are safe and also effective, especially when perform by a board-certified aesthetic surgeon. Call Metamorphosis Plastic surgical treatment to benefit from Dr. Daniel Markmann’s expertise and also careful consideration.


Murillo, W. L. (2004). Buttock Augmentation: situation Studies the Fat Injection Monitored through Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Plastic and also Reconstructive Surgery: 114(6)1606-1614. Doi: 10.1097/01.PRS.0000138760.29273.5D