Now that we've conflated groping with rape, let's amalgamate rape with murder, and send everybody to the death row.

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There have been plenty of cases recently where a persons fantasy's have been sufficient to provoke action from the police/justice system.

My response to the editorial or anyone asking is: no, snowflake. If you're a girl and you get killed in a video game, it's not rape. If you're too sensitive to handle video games, please stop playing

Holly fucking shit, this world is one messed up place. Is being retarded a prerequisit to becoming a third wave extremist?

On the plus side, the more morons who publish this kind of crap the more pathetic their movement becomes.

Update – the image below turned out to be fabricated, so don’t take this article serious or hold a grudge against the author in question. If anyone ever finds a real article that states this, then please share it. Otherwise, here’s our reaction when we found this and thought it was real. And like they say, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Patricia Hernandez did not write the article, but apparently someone Photoshopped this to make it look like she did. Enjoy the rest of this article regardless.

If you destroy a used tv or any other item for that matter, is it murder? If a woman uses a dildo to masterbate, is it rape? No, these objects are not people so it doesn't apply. Same here. If they want to change the game characters they have to remove all dildos from women if they want to follow the same logic.

Since when is rape "the act of overpowering women"?

According the the dictionary it's

The article is fake. However, based on the batty times we live in, I would imagine that somewhere out there an actual journalist is likely penning something in a similar vain for real with no tongue in their cheek whatsoever.

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