Epilogue- Cool beans dudes. Girlfriend guys can stop replying now lol. She stated i dont really dislike you ns love you.

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I'm pretty sure shes joking and i not really care if she doesnt choose up that ns am joking. First time i replied "Me too. Im beginning to hate myself too." 2nd time i replied "But ns love you" What would you guys say?


Avoid something self-deprecating.

Specially, on texts where the vibe is kind of invisible or at the very least partially veiled.

Your first reply, is me deprecating.

Me too. Im beginning to dislike myself too.

Your 2nd reply, is supplicating.

But ns love you

If that was her intention come convey, friend did.

If that wasn't, go with

You space such one asshole. . (Ballsy)

Where space your courtesy derpina ;) (Teasing)

...said a kinky girl come the love of her life. (Deflective / amused Mastery)


Go through the means you carry yourself, anything will certainly be reliable as long as it is coherent with the method you carry yourself. Yet don't be me deprecating / supplicating / pedestalising.

"I know" and also maybe the ;) also, favor Scumbag said, some points are hard to see as sarcastic.

"I love it when you're mad."

Why go she to speak she hates you? If she's joking I would probably simply write earlier "haha :-D" or whatever. Girl jokingly informing me "I hate you" sounds like the payoff for part dumb, teasing joke I've to be making.

If I'm not sure if she's joking, and I don't know why she would hate me, I'll just say: "Why?" (Because i don't recognize why) and also if she's joking, monitor up with: "Haha, ns don't get it" (because ns obviously don't). Or possibly I'll get it when she explains it, and also I'll be like: "Oooooh, yadda yadda" playing along.

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It doesn't need to be complicated. Direct communication is the many wonderful device you'll ever discover. If she genuinely no you, she's no going come appreciate part cocky text. Because she hates you. Asking "Why" is powerful. There's no factor to send to she bullshit. If she no you and also you don't know what you've done, that's simply weak through no connection between you. If she hates you because that a stupid reason, why would you keep talking to her?

And lastly - if she's joking and you don't obtain it, climate it was a nonsensical joke to you. Girlfriend don't have to uncover her funny if she's no funny. She'll feel bad for making girlfriend feel poor when it wasn't top top purpose. And also you'll feel negative for making her feel negative for make you feel bad and then you'll laugh about that instead.