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"I gained the Boy" is a song taped by American nation music artist Jana Kramer. It was released come radio on march 30, 2015 together the 2nd single from her second studio album, Thirty One, which to be released top top October 9, 2015. The song, written by Connie Harrington, Tim Nichols, and Jamie Lynn Spears, is about a mrs reminiscing and also discussing the differences about a previous lover from she youth, in regards to appearance and also character. "I got the Boy" peaked at number 5 and also 6 top top both the Billboard Hot nation Songs and also Country Airplay charts respectively, giving Kramer her second top 10 struggle on both charts. It likewise charted in ~ number 56 on the hot 100. The song was certified Platinum through the Recording sector Association that America (RIAA), and has marketed 592,000 duplicates in the United claims as of April 2016. The song additionally charted in Canada, peaking at number 22 on the country chart and number 85 ~ above the Canadian hot 100. The accompanying music video clip for the track was directed by Kristin Barlowe.more »

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I observed your snapshot in a paperHoneymoon in Jamaica, she"s a happy girlYou look so grown increase in your black color tuxFrom a ball cap in a choose up, seems like one more worldYou and also me and our big dreams, falling in loveWe to be two youngsters in the backseat, all fearless and also youngI gained the very first kiss and also she"ll acquire the lastShe"s gained the future, I obtained the pastI gained the course ring, she gained the diamond and also wedding bandI acquired the boy, she obtained the manYeah there"s one old girlfriend that i knew,Fake IDs to get into those feather break barsBack woods on a 4 wheel, hanging top top tightI can still feeling my racing heartAnd currently you"re cleaned up through a hair cut, quite tie and shoesIf things were different and also I had actually a choice, which would I choose?I obtained the first kiss and she"ll acquire the lastShe"s got the future and also I gained the pastI acquired the course ring, she obtained the diamond and also wedding bandI obtained the boy and also she got the manI acquired the an initial kiss and she"ll get the lastWe each obtained something, the various other will never ever haveI gained the long hair, hot headShe acquired the cool and also steady handI gained the boy and also she got the manI gained the boy and also she got the man

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Jana Kramer Jana Rae Kramer (born December 2, 1983) is one American actress and also country music singer. She is best known because that her duty as Alex Dupre ~ above the television series, One Tree Hill.

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Kramer started a country music job in 2010 v the single "Why Ya Wanna", from her self-titled debut album because that Elektra Records. More »