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I"m through a hundred and also one niggas, we Dalmatian doggy deepAnd fly with the tongue therefore if you feelin froggy leapKermit you better think before you ribbitDon"t be murdered over her song prior to you ad-lib itI pop up prefer XzibitBut givin" I"m at her crib it"sNot to put no fuckin" fish tanks in your CivicsFuck gaining your ride pimpedYou"ll obtain hog-tied whippedHave you in the trunk curled up favor fried shimpIt"s been a good year maybe I must ride a blimpCause her boy just stay above the gameThey tryna tag em, spray a brotha" frameBut your shots can"t reach me I"m method above your aimGo "head nigga, say an additional nameTake this family for a hoax play lock Wayan brothers gamesAnd I"m a obtain you sucka ns be scheming through dis keeninAimin v dis DamonI"m puttin that major pain inMy lil guy is top top ya Marlon and Shawn yaLay the beef top top this noodleMake some noodle lasagna40 cal fettuccine tres pound pastaYou reach because that this medallion you have to like Italian, niggaYou just see me pushin if the drivers tiredI occupational the S6 ever because the 5 retiredThe fall top, they speak it"s s Drive inspiredSo friend could contact a cab as soon as your bitch autumn for FabUh I get money favor a *mufucka*Shades darker than I bitch but I might seeI gained everythingYou gained nothingYou ain"t acquired nothin" top top meUhhh I"m gettin money favor a *mufucka*Yeaa money u would never see yeaaI acquired everythingYou acquired nothingYou ain"t obtained nothin" ~ above meI"m ~ above the grind till the police comeWith that pistol on the side boy don"t it is in dumbOr... Ns let the semi twirl yaNow you might follow the dripCause one shooting outta the clip will Jheri curl youLeave you sloppy favor secondsObey me prefer peasantsOr acquire opened up favor presentsPlease, mine young guys whilin for respectSlit her throat, have actually you smilinl witcha neckSay cheeseMy doughs a little longerMy flow is just slaughterMy wrists look choose frozen Poland feather waterSo phone call me guys tell me boys that you think your messing withI gain money out the ass, that"s some expensive shitHaven"t you all heard (what?)Ya"ll all herbs (yup)I pole toothpicks(where)In ya hors d"oeuvreListen, I"m a shark, ya"ll just koi fish (what else)Octopus(what else)OystersHahaI obtained my eye on her wifey currently (yea)I"ll have actually her lick me up(up)And climate wipe me down(down)She said me you"se a nag, you"se a bug(ddaammn)She called me I"m a blast I"m a stud*(daaamn)*She called me you"d it is in beast and also you"d it is in checkin for the burnSo I gave her knee pads because that the rug(haha)It"s skull gang from the chain come the lifestyleYou surf-boy dudes acquire wiped out(totally)Uh I gain money favor a *mufucka*Shades darker than I bitch however I might seeI acquired everythingYou gained nothingYou ain"t acquired nothin" on meUhhh I"m gettin money like a *mufucka*Yeaa money u would never ever see yeaaI got everythingYou got nothingYou ain"t obtained nothin" on meGet friend 3-4 obtain you choose the number after ~ 1 umma a acquire me 2It"s weezy f you currently you gotta have actually a babyMy money don"t fold nor bendsMercedes Maybach, Grey blackAnd i gotta 4-4 and also a k like 8-stacksFuck her city and also your town, ns state facts, take it thatNo, much better yet choose diddy take thatWait rats, I hate ratsI clean castle out favor AjaxGot document like a fax machineAsineneDamn I mean asinineDappa donAfter mine there will be nineDamn I average there will be noneI will certainly be oneOf the best things you ever before felt you ever before seen orHeard carter Harvard ya"ll scaredNot meNot ICall me young PopeyeTell Bruno I"m a nunoI"ll bring rail to her funeralDamn I typical funer-al funeralYou say tomato i say tomataYou say acquire "em i say got "emYea I acquired "emMan you much better keep paying me reason you don"t want my problemsI it is in wildin like funding One... What is in her wallet?You flyBut what is it come pilot?Weezy I"m at the top foot up in your bottomDamn I average foot up in her assI kick the shit now gon put it in the trashDieselUh I gain money prefer a *mufucka*Shades darker than I bitch but I can seeI acquired everythingYou acquired nothingYou ain"t got nothing top top meUhhh I"m gettin money prefer a mutherfuckaYeaa money you ain"t never ever see *yeaaYeaa uhYou ain"t acquired nothing ~ above meYeaa I"m gettin" money prefer a mufuckaShades darker 보다 a bitch however I could seeI obtained everythingYou obtained nothingYou ain"t obtained nothing top top meYeaa I"m gettin money favor a mufuckaBig money nigga, large money nigga, large money niggaYeaa*