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"Raise thy knife by the light and head come the ar where the sword"s irradiate gathers..... There, thou shalt uncover the colossi thou arts to defeat.... Now, be on your way."Prime 1 Studio is proud come announce the shadow of the Colossus, The an initial Colossus Statue! “Shadow that the Colossus“ has been exit in 2005 for the game stations 2. In 2018, the remake of this extraordinary game has been created the game stations 4. The gigantic hairy body of the an initial Colossus is absolutely breathtaking. The statue is an exceptional recreation that Wander’s lonesome fight against the first Colossus, additionally known as Valus, in the facility of the Forbidden Lands. To defeat the Colossus, Wander need to discover the weak point which is marked by a Magic Sigils glowing signs on the human body of the colossus. The sigils are constantly found ~ above a part of the colossus that has actually fur. Us recreated a an extremely realistic and also stunning depiction of Wander who is around to supply the final blow to the an initial Colossus. UDMSC-01: The first Colossus is beautifully crafted with impressive details and features LED Light-up role on the first Colossus eyes and the Magic Sigil situated on the crest of the head. It comes v two interchangeable interchangeable crests with and without the Magic Sigil. The exclude, Edition has Agro statue, Wander’s horse and sole companion v the Forbidden lands in zero of the Colossus. A must-have item for every Shadow the the Colossus fans. Specifications:First Colossus dimension approx. 18 inches high LED Light-up function on Eyes and also the Magic Sigil symbolOne (1) designed layout baseOne (1) interchangeable interchangeable crest with furOne (1) interchangeable interchangeable crest through Wander around to fight on the glow Magic SigilOne (1) Agro frostbite (For Exclusive variation only)Agro dimension approx. 2 inches high (For Exclusive version only)Notice:Prototype samples shown.Product details might be subjected to change without additional notice.Please keep in mind the last product specifications might differ because each product is Handmade.Since the product is still in the development stage, the size (up come 10%) & load (up come 10kg) might be readjusted during the production stage.
Formats ultimate Diorama Masterline
Series zero of the Colossus
Scale Non scale
Product Code UDMSC-01EX
Product size Approx. H:46.8cm W:49.1cm D:50.8cmH:5.3cm W:6.7cm D:2.9cm (Agro)
Product Carton box Approx.

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Product weight Approx. 17.5kg
Material Polystone
EAN 4562471908965

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