Shades that Blue Season 1 illustration 8 Review: an excellent Cop negative Cop

Of course it’s no as though he no deserve it. Harlee remained loyal to him v everything, even when he threatened her life once he believed she might have to be the informant.

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But death Saperstein, especially after looking her in the eye and also promising he’d leave it in oh my god hands to be a step too far. City hall Woz sit alongside David"s mother and also act like his grieving girlfriend was just too much to take.

I was surprised it took Harlee this long. I really believed that the moment she realized the Woz had actually pushed Saperstein off that building, she would have told Stahl she was every in and also simply made sure she protected herself and also the remainder of her team as best she could.

I’m not specific if Harlee needed much more convincing, or just time come let every that had happened sink in. 

Because let’s face it, Stahl wasn’t wrong around what taken place to Sap as he noted in this Shades that Blue quote…

that didn"t just die, Harlee, he to be murdered, twice, by Wozniak.


Stahl manipulating Nava to doubt Harlee took her to an also darker place. Yes, she approached that in bespeak to defend herself and also keep Miguel behind bars, however as time went on, she began to have actually real feelings for James. He’s a great guy, and it doesn’t look favor Harlee’s had many relationships with great men. 

So as soon as the truth began to sink in, and he turn on her, it yes, really hurt.

Harlee: ns don"t perform vulnerable, ns can"t afford to and I don"t let human being in but you were the exception.Nava: i wonder if the exception was walking to be whoever gained the situation file.Harlee: Well thank you for coming all the way down right here just to do me feel like a whore.

When Harlee said Stahl the truth about Zepeda, i was shocked, however I intend she had tiny to lose.

Stahl appeared to it is in moved, possibly happy the he’s ultimately making some inroads with the woman he has a significant crush on...or is it an obsession with? either way, it to be the very first time the male didn’t come across as creepy in Harlee’s presence.

Of course, i can’t imagine what type of future Harlee will have actually once this every plays out. Will she still be a cop? will she finish up in witness protection or behind bars herself? will she survive?

Harlee even tried to market Loman an the end by informing him about the opening in homicide. If he to be smart, that would have jumped on it, however Loman no smart; gaining close come his victim’s household proved that.

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Will Loman’s have to do what’s ideal win out over his desire to feel favor an accepted part of the team? If that doesn’t make a move quick he’ll just finish up being an additional one that Wozniak’s disciples through no method out. 

Harlee was carrying about a most guilt and stress and Cristina wasn’t making it any kind of easier. In a perfect world, those cops would have confronted charges, however in doing so, that video of Cristina would have been out there for all the people to see. Cristina may think that’s no big deal, yet Harlee was right, it can jeopardize a really bright future. 

In the end, everyone mourned Saperstein, even Tess that was the angriest over believing he was the rat. 

Life never turns out the way we mean it to, sometimes for the better, occasionally for the worse.


Poor Sap. He certainly got the worst. Will certainly Harlee find far better in the middle of this horrific situation?

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