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" A marine Seal in ~ War," by Marcus Luttrell v James D. Hornfischer, Little, Brown, $27.99, 362 pages (nf)

In 2005, Marcus Luttrell was component of a SEAL team that collection out to death or capture a senior Taliban leader in Afghanistan. Betrayed through goat herders they" showed mercy to, procedure Redwing come under heavy fire. All but Luttrell to be killed, including a 16-man rescue team that was helicoptering in to save him. That story to be told in his best-selling publication " Survivor."

A second helicopter team finally managed to extract Luttrell in dangerous conditions, piloted by significant Jeff "" Peterson, a member of The Church the Jesus Christ that Latter-day Saints, a changed missionary and also alumnus that Brigham Young University. At the time of this practically impossible midnight mission, Peterson" wife and also four young guys were praying for him at residence in Arizona.

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In his follow-up book, " A navy SEAL at War," Luttrell gives an ext details about that star-crossed mission, the aftermath, and how he dealt with the woe — through going back into service with the SEALs in the then most dangerous city top top earth, Ramadi, Iraq. Many of the publication is created in conversational style, packed complete of terse, quick-paced descriptions, army jargon and acronyms and at times harsh language.

The rigid bounces about in time, indigenous Luttrell" restore from the tragic procedure Redwing to his brand-new deployment in Iraq come training because that the SEALs and back again. That includes lengthy description the the loss and funeral of one of his brothers-in-arms and also a ar on his training as a diver.

He additionally has first-hand accounts by marine SEAL wives and widows as they talk about the difficulties of gift married come a member that a distinct ops team. Luttrell states that upward of 80-percent of together marriages end in divorce because they are unable to take the strain of separation, anxiety and loneliness.

In despite the of every the sorrow and also horror the war, he reiterates that belief in his teammates and also in God carried him through his most complicated times. Throughout the book, he defines the intense emotion of brotherhood and loyalty that drives guys like him come give every little thing to safeguard each other and also the nation.

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