Looking for some catalyst for your next story? watch no further! i have compiled a list of 100 writing prompts and also story starters to obtain your creative juices flowing. If these have actually been prepared with the middle school and also high school writer in mind, many of lock are likewise applicable to adult writers.

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You can grab a printable copy that this list at the end of the post.

Writing prompts for story that start out just like any type of other day

I tiptoed right into the bathroom. If anyone caught me act this, I’d it is in in large trouble. I got my mummy lipstick and also brought it ago to my bedroom whereby my brothers slept…I peeked through the curtains. There to be a limo parked outside with 2 bodyguards. Ns heard a knock at the door…I went over to to speak hello to the cute little baby under the umbrella, however when I got to her, I experienced that…The bell rang, and also I sprinted towards my locker. I had to get out of over there before…I opened the former door to discover the UPS guy standing ~ above the front stoop, his arm around a cylindrical package that was almost as tall as him. Oh no. No again, ns thought…Irene gripped she mom’s hand harder as they walked v the doors of the imposing gray building. She mom had actually promised she they’d never need to come here again, but…The lamp dimmed and the curtains opened. Ns felt favor I was going to throw up. Why had actually I ever before thought this to be a an excellent idea?…As quickly as i boarded the train, I started my letter to mine sister. I go it. I marketed everything and also am ~ above my way to…A kid’s date of birth party seemed choose an innocent sufficient place to blend in, relax for a moment. It’s to be a while because I stopped moving. However when the balloon popped…I sat under at my desk and also sifted through the letter that had been put in former of my computer. Every junk, the course. Ns was about to dump it every in the recycling bin when I witnessed my favourite newspaper at the bottom of the pile. Tossing the rest aside, i snatched that up, yet something unexpected dropped out from between the pages…We were canoeing throughout the inlet as soon as we noticed part unusual activity alongside the boat. A whale to be surfacing next to us. Another one followed closely behind. Suddenly, our watercraft was being lifted the end of the water and…The Instagram account I developed for my hamster simply went viral and also he’s getting calls with job supplies from about the world, just …At very first we believed the box had the water weapons we ordered online, so we tore it open eagerly, ready to load them up. Instead, what we saw inside fully changed everything.I got off the watercraft furious and trembling. Ns was never ever getting back on over there again, not through him at least. There was no means I to be going come let him…The pancakes to be perfect—round and golden, soft but a tiny crispy close to the edges. I slathered lock in maple syrup and also fruit. Yet then mom went to the fridge and also took out the whipped cream, giving me an apologetic look together she walk so. It was a treat, a really special one, and she just ever carried it out if…We sat roughly the campfire in eerie silence, nobody wanting to bring up our predicament. Whatever was walk to have to come the end anyway, us might as well get it end with. Ns was just about to clean my throat when I noticed Sam and also Layla standing apart from the group, whispering. What to be they plotting now?I’d always wanted to be brave choose my brothers Simon. The wasn’t afraid of anything. I remember once, once he was younger, he…We walked with the garden one last time, knowing we’d never ever return to this residence again. I waved goodbye to every flower bed, come the to apologize tree that I’d climbed innumerable times as a child. I wanted to scream. Why were they make me…My dad provided to tell me this crazy stories once I was a kid. His life seemed so bizarre to me, however his sense of humour was mysterious, like I might never call when reality blended right into fiction. Ns still don’t recognize which ones come believe, favor that one about…Shivering, i tried to open up the door of my car, however it was frozen shut. Ns looked up and also scanned the parking lot to make sure nobody had actually seen me. Why walk it need to be this freezing, this particular day of all days? What if they…

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Writing prompts for stories that begin with dialogue

“Drink it, quick!” ns looked at the bottle. The components were unlike any type of I’d ever seen. I closed my eyes and also drank the in one gulp…“Five more minutes,” my dad grunted, as I do the efforts to pull him the end of bed. “Dad, lock here–we need to go!”“Shh…” I stated frantically, as Robin’s wheelchair squeaked again. “Don’t girlfriend know exactly how much trouble we’ll be in if they discover us…”“Put me down!” ns yelled as I to be hoisted into the air by a giant…“Stop it!” ns cried as my little sister snatched mine phone indigenous the desk and tried come eat it. Ns couldn’t operation the threat of anyone see the words I’d etched into the back of it, the ones the would save my life if anyone ever…“Have you ever before driven among these before?” i asked James, trying no to let the see just how nervous ns was. “Is it safe?”“Are you coming or not?” the demanded as he took a couple of steps additional into the…“Is over there anyone in there?” ns wondered aloud, staring up in ~ the gothic castle. “The letter claimed they’d meet us…”“We finally did it!” i exclaimed to mine lab partner. “We’ve created a cream that actually renders people an ext beautiful. We space going to be so rich!”You have actually just five dollars to your name, and you decide to spend it on lunch at her favourite quick food joint. Simply as you’re about to pay, a young not much older than you leans in and also whispers come you, “Hold onto your money. I’ll show you exactly how to revolve that 5 dollars into 5 grand.”You’re was standing in line at a coffee shop once you clues a shining coin ~ above the ground. Girlfriend bend down to pick it up, yet a huge black boot stomps under on it just prior to your fingers understand it. “I wouldn’t perform that if ns were you,” a deep voice warns.“I’m i m really sorry to it is in the bearer of bad news,” she began, her arms crossed nervously over she chest. “You didn’t get in.” once I elevated my eyebrows at her, she added, “And yes more…”He patted mine hand reassuringly and also said, “It’s okay, you have the right to trust me,” in that voice of his the I’d learned supposed I really couldn’t. “All you have to do is…”“It’s because that you!” she called, after comment the phone. As soon as I checked out take that from her, she covered the mouthpiece and whispered menacingly, “This far better not be around what i think the about, acquired it?”“I should have listened to you,” Greg acknowledged, together he lay curled up on the grass, his clothing caked in mud. “You were appropriate about…”“How might you?” i asked in disbelief. “After whatever we’ve to be through, I believed you to be the one human being I might trust. I can’t think you…”I kicked in ~ the dust through my shoe. Her inquiry had recorded me turn off guard. Ns wasn’t all set to price it, not yet. Ns tried to stall. “Remember the time when…”“Okay, okay, ns here,” ns said, rolling mine eyes for effect. “What was this crucial news the you had actually to drag me away from pizza night for?”“It’s okay, you have the right to come out, friend don’t have to be afraid. Here, take my hand.” The hand that got to out towards me was like any type of I’d ever before seen before.“Let go!” ns screamed at the guy holding me in a headlock. I tried to kick his shins, yet he simply grunted and held tight. Think quick, ns told myself. Time is to run out. If only…

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Writing prompts with an facet of suspense

Estella ran down the trail, her dog, Gerard, several feet front of her. A gust that wind ripped with the forest and a loud crack on her left recorded her attention. She watched the tree fall, then turned earlier to the trail, but Gerard was gone…The light began to flicker, first blue, then white. Ns looked around for a means out, yet I was trapped. Ns guess I’d need to resort to the earlier up plan…The footprints in the snow were fresh. Lock veered turn off the path and into the woods. I had to do a choice. It was now or never.I tiptoed down the stairs that the prison. I had actually to break her out of below before…It was really hot that day, so I visited my favourite lake. I was about to jump right into the cool water, once a large splash in the middle of the lake sent ripples over the water. Something was in there. Something…My sister and I entered the fairgrounds suspiciously. The note we’d uncovered had said that the secret person would certainly be right here at five, and it was half past four. Us weren’t taking any kind of chances. We had to find him before…Ellen squeezed down the narrow aisle of the aircraft looking for row M. She stuffed her backpack under the chair in prior of her through her feet and buckled up. Together the aircraft lifted turn off the ground, the pilot welcome lock aboard their flight to Iceland. Wait, what? This no the flight to…?I walked the end of the interview, tho holding mine breath. This was my dream job and I was afraid the the smallest of breaths would reason me to wake up up. I exited the building and also a little girl approached me. “The job’s yours,” she said, rather prophetically. “All you need to do is…”Last night, ns was acquisition a nap on the couch as soon as the phone rang. Once I answered it, the voice top top the other finish said, “Will you accept a collect call from Brazil?” I began to panic, was this the speak to John has actually warned me about? ns answered it through trepidation…It was my seventeenth birthday, and I’d been planning the party for months. Whatever was perfect: the decorations were over the top, the food catered by my favourite restaurant, every cool kid in institution was there. The just problem? ns was grounding in…The shelves in the supplied bookstore climbed greater than I might see, I’d never ever seen so many books prior to in my life. Ns climbed the rojo ladder to gain a better look. Just then, a woman approached and also held the end a thick, red leather-bound tome. “This is one girlfriend seek,” she called out to me. “Look no further. This one will…I was sitting at a bus stop when a little girl came approximately me and gave me a tiny box. It began trembling in my hands but when i looked up to ask she what the was, she’d disappeared.I tiptoed right into the haunted house, looking both means to view what remained in it. Together my eyes readjusted to the light, i saw…I was around to get in my residence when I observed a little dog running down the street towards the busy intersection. There to be nobody v him. There is no thinking, i took off after that and…A according to crash sent out me thundering down the stairs come the kitchen. Wolf, mine rottweiler was greedily licking lasagna off the tiled floor. Not unexplained in and of itself, but what caught my eye was the shining silver thing glinting underneath the tomato sauce. Was that what I assumed it was?… It to be well past dark and I was the last person in the library. It to be eerily quiet, except for a pass out tapping sound coming from the following aisle. I moved cautiously toward the finish of the row and also peeked mine head around the corner…I was running the end of time. They’d claimed they’d provide me till sundown, and that was just a couple of hours away. I had to…That’s odd, I assumed to myself as I got to the next landing and also glanced up at the next set of stairs. I don’t remember there gift another set of stairs here before. Is this what the old male was talking around when the said…The computer beeped again. That was currently pinging 6 times every minute. Anyone was sending these message was getting impatient, and also I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out why.I woke up yesterday in a tree, without also a sweater to save me dry. The weird point is…

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Writing prompts that ask “What if?”

What if every personality you wrote automatically came to life and a foreign government to be after friend to do spies for them?What if a an excellent uncle you’d never met left friend a package of floor in Norway, but when you got there you establish it to be an enchanted forest?What if your parents came residence from job-related tonight and told girlfriend they were sending you come boarding school?What if you to be eating breakfast alone at her kitchen table as soon as a newscaster ~ above TV damaged the story that a absent person, and the lacking person was you?What if you might live in Ikea because that a month?What if a cruise ship full of celebrities acquired stuck in ~ sea for two weeks?What if you were in a museum and also discovered a stack of letter describing the location of a hidden treasure in her hometown?What if friend were actors as the lead in one opera but you’d faked your method into the role and didn’t actually know how to sing?What if a boy saw her parents stealing, yet chose to store it a an enig so the she i will not ~ be separated from them?What if someone readily available you the gift of being the best painter in the world, but in return, you could never stop painting?What if her pet was elected mayor of your city?What if you were an Uber driver in a civilization where human being travel by hot air balloon instead of through car?What if you travelled ago in time to ancient Egypt and also discovered the their people was even an ext modernized than ours and also included more advanced an innovation but the they’d ruined all proof of these advances in an initiative to defend future generations from making the same damaging decisions the they had?What if a screenwriter approached you around making a movie about your life, yet every time she interviewed you, she totally ignored every answer friend gave and also made up she own?What if girlfriend could kind 1000 words per minute and also could compose a brand-new novel every hour?What if you woke up morning morning speaking five brand-new languages that you’d never heard before, only to find that you’d to be recruited by global spies and they’d fill your brain with secrets and information when you to be sleeping?What if you might never leave high school, however instead had actually to keep coming ago year after ~ year to shot and get perfect grades before you were permitted to move on?What if her parents were acquisition you top top a dream holidays to Europe, yet they acquired kidnapped in one airport and also you had to navigate new countries on your own while trying to save them?What if you created a brand-new tool that could clean your totality house in fifteen minutes and you became a millionaire overnight?What if you were analysis a list of writing prompts, and also you realized that every sentence that come out of your mouth was, in fact, a writing prompt and that you were compelled to compose a story because that each one?

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Story starters that will certainly bend her readers’ minds

The price is 49. Ns looked about the room. There to be nobody rather there other than Quincey. Can it be?It’s everywhere the news. Random events are taking place. What if who discovers the it’s my desires coming true, literally? What will certainly they carry out to me? I need to find…On Saturday morning ns went out to the backyard in my slippers and also robe to feeding my pet rabbits. Once I reached their hutch, i gasped. A big hole had actually been torn in the wire door and also the hutch was empty. Fearing the worst, i scanned the garden for indications of their whereabouts, when suddenly i was tapped ~ above the shoulder. I spun around to uncover a black bear standing in his hind legs. “If you ever want to watch your bunnies again,” he said, …Never trust your dreams, castle will obtain you in trouble every time. At least, if they’re anything prefer mine. Perhaps trouble has a method of detect me, however still, you should be safe. Simply last week, I had a dream about…I’d to be tracking him every day, and I practically had him, yet I had actually to wait till he was under a tree before I can pounce. I stood up and scanned the clearing. That’s when I realized the I’d to be duped. Ns wasn’t the stalker, ~ all. He was the bait, and also I to be the target.A baby sits alone in the plane’s very first class section, shining red headphones perched on his head. That stares at me a moment as ns pass, then snaps his finger at the flight attendant to acquire her attention. To be this an additional one of…You’re fourty years old and are happily married to your spouse the 15 years. You’re offered an possibility to go ago to your childhood and correct a awful mistake you made, and you accept it. You deal with the mistake and also continue relocating through the stages of your life as you go before. Only, the job you were claimed to accomplish your spouse for the an initial time, they never showed up.You’re walking under a deserted street downtown once you pass a structure with a mural painted ~ above its wall. As you take it it in, the encounters on the mural suddenly start talking to you, warning friend of crimes the are about to happen in the city. You’re unable to shut out their voices or ignore them.You’re in the vehicle when the human on the radio beginning talking about something you did yesterday. Only, you no actually execute it, you just thought about it. And it no yesterday, the was 5 minutes ago.You uncover a book in her parent’s bedroom that describes everything you’ve ever said and also done. Yet the publication is a hundred years old, and also you’re just twelve. Or so friend thought.She stepped off the airplane looking different from just how I mental her, which to be strange as it had actually only to be a few months. Yet she was taller somehow, her eyes were darker, her features an ext sharp. What had they done to her at the retreat?Sometimes i wish I might just gain into a waterproof bubble and also float away, forever, away from every one of this. Leave it all behind and also start over. I never ever actually assumed it would be possible, until… The house started to shake, and at first, I believed it was an earthquake. Wednesday trained because that those at school. Ns ran to the nearest door frame and pushed my hands and also feet into it as difficult as i could. However this no a typical earthquake. No one of the other homes outside were shaking, because that one thing. And it go on much too long. Together the shower got an ext and much more intense, a hole opened in the center of the house, and also from that rose…I deserve to talk come animals. It’s simply something I’ve constantly been able come do. Ns didn’t also know it to be weird till some children at institution saw me shoot the breeze with a murder of crows in ~ recess one day. Currently I have to keep the a secret. If anyone else finds out…You’re walking residence with her friends from college one day when one of castle vanishes down a manhole. You run in to save your friend without thinking and discover the in the sewer stays an entire varieties of…Leonard sat down on the park bench to tie his shoelace. An old guy walked up through his dog and also asked Leonard if he’d clock the dog for 5 minutes. The man never returned, and also Leonard…I walked v the industry timidly, unsure that what i was feather for, but somehow feeling certain that ns would discover it here. A speed of light flickered virtually imperceptibly to mine right, and also instinctively ns turned towards the stall the I’d just passed, however it was gone. In that place…Yesterday, my mom was turned right into a rock. Yes, a rock. The kind that’s small enough to put in my pocket and also carry around. In fact, that’s wherein she is best now. I have actually one week to number out that did this and also find castle if I ever before want to check out her confront again. I knew robotics were dangerous. I’ve been warning them for years. Also when i was seven, I can see the damage they were qualified of causing. However nobody listened to me. Until now. Currently that an angry robot is threatening to damage the world, suddenly they come running earlier to me for help. Great thing i’m thirteen now. Possibly they’ll actually listen this time.It never arisen to me that it would actually work. Who would have thought that the teleporter at the Star Trek Museum was functional? you’d think castle would have actually put up a sign warning kids around that, or something.

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Anyway, that’s just how Jamie and also I ended up in this barren land. Currently we need to number out exactly how to obtain back.

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