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search FOR WATER "SEARCH because that WATER" is a 14 letter phrase beginning with S and ending through R

Crossword clues for "SEARCH for WATER"

Search for water (5)DOWSE
Look for water (5)
Use a witching stick (5)
Use a divining pole (5)
Search for water, in a way (5)
Search because that underground water (5)
Seek water with stick (5)

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SEARCH because that WATER

We hope the the complying with list of synonyms for words dowse will assist you to end up your crossword today. We"ve i ordered it the synonyms in size order so the they are easier to find.

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Definition that dowse

use a divining rod looking for underground water or metal searching for underground water or mineral by making use of a dowsing stick

Anagrams of dowse


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