Here"s whereby to find a landing pod in a meteor in "Fortnite: battle Royale."

Credit: epic / Erik Kain

There’s a special “Mystery” Mission Bundle now easily accessible in Fortnite for Season 10 battle Pass owners.

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This special collection of difficulties rewards fight stars and cosmetics, consisting of a cool ago bling and the surprise Scientist skin.

Completing all seven new challenges gets you the brand-new skin, i beg your pardon is a quite sweet version of the visitor skin from means back in Season 4.

Meteoric Rise

Credit: Epic games

One of the obstacles in the Meteoric rise mission bundle tasks players with emotional a large glowing cube, start the rift over Loot Lake and also searching a landing pod in the meteor.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll look at whereby to discover said landing pod.

In Season 10, a bunch that stuff has gone haywire everywhere the map. Rift Zones have popped increase everywhere, bringing ago old points of interest and also Named locations that were shed over the food of the past nine seasons.

Dusty Depot to be the very first to return, and also hovering above it all season has been the meteor that, in the alternating timeline, destroyed the warehouses and also created Dusty Divot.

Here the is ~ above the map:

If girlfriend land here, you’ll find a small network the tunnels. In the center of this tunnels is the landing pod (pictured above). Simply connect with that to settle this portion of the challenge.

If you want to kill two birds through one stone, another an obstacle this season is to very first land at Dusty Depot, then do your method to the meteor. It is a pretty lengthy ramp come build, which deserve to be tricky if adversaries are shooting in ~ you, but this means you deserve to knock the end two obstacles at once.

Check out whereby to find the giant glowing cube here.

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