Sea of thieves is a renowned multiplayer video game which has actually been about on Windows and Xbox One due to the fact that 2018. Also, the video clip game was porting to Xbox series X/S in November 2020.

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While many human being play Sea the Thieves across the said platforms, it appears some problems have been spoiling their experience.


As per multiple reports, Sea of thef players space not getting gold and also reputation in exchanged because that chests.

Moreover, there are worries where players are unable come see any kind of NPCs in Sanctuary Outpost and also facing difficulties during matchmaking.

It seems these worries are widespread and users are unable come play Sea of thef properly because of them.

SeaOfThieves will certainly you reimburse us for the hours of gold and rep lost when we turned in for nothing? This is a have to for the players that skilled this…..Source

My mates and also I cashed in so countless items and haven’t gotten any gold or reputation. I hope once you solve the issue, we all gain our hard-earned rewards back.Source

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However, affected users might not have actually to face these difficulties for lengthy as they have been acknowledged officially while several of them have actually been resolved altogether.

We’re conscious that some players are reporting delays in receiving gold and also rep once cashing in loot. This is at this time being investigated – mean an upgrade from us as soon as us have more information. Thanks for your patience.Source

We are aware some players space experiencing matchmaking issues. These issues are being investigated, and also we will update with more information together it becomes available.Source

The official Sea the Thieves info & assistance Twitter handle has said lock are conscious of the said problems. In a later tweet, that was claimed that the matchmaking and also no gold and reputation problems have been resolved.

This further means that those who were suffering the previously mentioned issues deserve to now beat the multiplayer game without any hassle.


However, over there is tho no indigenous on the missing Sanctuary outpost NPCs concern so that is unclear whether that has also been handle or not.

While the is feasible that the missing NPCs concern might have additionally been addressed together with the other two, that is still based on speculation together no comments have been made concerning the same apart native the acknowledgement.


So, if friend are now able to watch NPCs in Sanctuary Outpost, permit us know by dropping a comment below.

It is still good to see that the game developer was fast to acknowledge and deal with most of the said issues.

That said, we will report back with more details as and when us get brand-new information to share so remain tuned.

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