The civil legal rights establishment, contends Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, has actually made a career off the downturn that America"s inner city, promise solutions however offering only a Band-Aid. Peterson"s is a platform of empowerment, teaching individuals and families just how to tap right into the power within, quite than depending on handouts. Chronicling the failure of the welfare system, denouncing the id of reparations, citing problems within black churches, and also even condemning existing black "leaders," Peterson argues that the situation we confront is spiritual, and also no economic solution will suffice. That skillfully weaves the worlds of politics, culture, psychology, and religion right into this profound and also relevant book.

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Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, frequently referred to together "the other Jesse," is founder and also president the the nonprofit Brotherhood company of a brand-new Destiny (BOND), whose function is "rebuilding the household by rebuilding the man." he is the writer of From rage to Responsibility, host of a live nationally syndicated radio talk present on details Radio Network, one individual and also family counselor, and also a much-sought-after speaker. Peterson is a constant guest ~ above television and radio program such as The O"Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes, and also BET Tonight. He is an advisory plank member for project 21, a national black conservative public policy organization, and also a plank member of the California Christian Coalition.

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