therefore there"s several various effects girlfriend can select when making a character in Salt and also Sanctuary. They"re simply items, however I"m not certain what any of lock do, because there"s no method to view an object description in the character creation menu (at the very least not anyways I"ve found, and I"ve tried every mix of button pressing I can think of).

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What do each the the different effect item do?


The five result items and also what they execute are:

With the exemption of the Red Shard, which is complete waste of a gift (very little heal, you and also find and also buy castle everywhere, and also you acquire a lot stronger heal item which restocks chin whenever girlfriend rest), you can"t go wrong with any kind of of the gifts. It really just depends what you"re looking to do.

The Stone Sellsword is a great purchase if you"re looking to do a the majority of co-op, yet if you"re not, climate it"s not worth choose up.

The Amber Idol will allow you come transmute a weapon at an early stage on, i beg your pardon is nice handy, but if no one of the early weapons attention you then you won"t acquire much use out of it.

The Crystal Sphere will certainly peacefully transform a sanctuary to your chosen creed. Friend can transform sanctuaries via violence, however it"s much easier to simply use one of these. If you"re spring to join one the the late video game (like Sky and Sanctuary) these room really handy, due to the fact that it can enable you to transform whatever major sanctuaries you need to your brand-new creed (you have the right to only usage Sanctuary NPCs if you"re that the matching creed). In my experience these items are hard to come by, and I don"t think sellers sell them uneven you"ve obtained a high creed level, so choose this together your starting gift can be a genuine help.

With the said, I found the creed girlfriend played together didn"t really make a big difference. Till you get creeds to the higher levels they"re usually all identical, and leveling creeds up is a large pain. The reason for this is due to the fact that you require 3 copies of adversary "parts" to level lock up, and also the drop rates in this game for foe "parts" are very low. Therefore you"ll either must be really happy or grind a lot to level those creeds up. However, if over there is a specific creed you have to join and also level increase (there room a pair spells you can only acquire from specific higher level creeds), climate this article is a solid choice.

So tl;dr the Crystal Sphere is advantageous if you require a high level in a details (non-starting) creed, however not worth acquisition otherwise.

The Grasping Ring is handy to have actually right out of the gate because you"ll it is in leveling up 10% faster.

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You"ve got 4 ring slots, so till you"re few areas right into the video game you"ll have plenty of room to stay this ring in addition to more useful ones. I think about this to it is in the "default" gift - if friend don"t need any type of of the various other gifts, then this is the one you must go with.