The feast the Saint Antonio de Abad is celebrated on January 17, the highlight of this feast being the blessing of animals – farm animals and also pets.

Saint Antonio was a Catholic (Coptic) monk born in 3rd-century ad Egypt that was well-known for dispersing monasticism, yet is currently most famed for being the very first to exercise the asceticism the going into the wilderness come renew one’s faith through nature. This is exactly how he became associated with animals. (Odd next note: he is likewise the Saint to whom you appeal to eliminate skin diseases, i.e. “St. Anthony’s fire”!). (

Every year, right now of year, in ~ the church that Caniço, on Sunday, a unique service and also procession is hosted for the blessing the animals. Plenty of people bring their pets and also the to mark is the participation of a team of horses.



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