Looking because that a non-toxic repaint for painting nursery or furniture? here are the 6 ideal baby for sure paints for a crib and also nursery to develop a safe setting for your baby.

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Whether you room planning to paint a crib to go through nursery décor or painting geometric wall surface in the nursery, considering the top quality of paint is crucial to develop a non-toxic atmosphere for her baby.

Let’s confront it, your baby is walking to spend a significant amount that time in the nursery so maintaining the air top quality is crucial.

Unfortunately, the family members paints are not always ‘baby safe’. Often, they room the major contributors to negative indoor air quality. A research study (1) published earlier in 1999 has displayed the link in between exposure to formaldehyde and volatile essential compounds, emitted from the fresh painted at home surfaces to asthma and/ inflammatory reaction in the airways.

If you desire to avoid your baby’s chemistry exposure to toxic chemicals, you need to consider the form of paint you use for painting a crib, nursery, or various other furniture.

Before us go and also talk about the 6 ideal babies safe, no-Voc paints because that a crib and nursery, stop look in ~ the kind of paints the are considered safe for babies.

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Is paint on Cribs Toxic? Why pick NO-VOC paint for Nursery?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemical compounds that emit in the air from fresh painted indoor surfaces. Lock are associated with severe brief term or lengthy term health concerns ranging from skin irritations, headaches, nausea and damage come the liver, kidney, and main nervous system.

The research study studies have likewise linked VOCs come multiple diseases, such together asthma(1-2), sick building syndrome (3), and also chemical sensitivity (4). Several of the VOCs like benzene and also formaldehyde are toxic and also carcinogenic in high concentrations.

All of these adverse results of exposure come VOCs have actually been watched in adults. When it pertains to babies, exposure come VOCs must be avoided, considering how sensitive their arising system deserve to be come the exposure come these toxic chemicals.

However, the is difficult to completely avoid exposure come VOCs, together they are current in varieties of household products and in constant air indoor and outdoor. The finest we can do to protect against exposure to VOCs is come carefully pick the assets that we use for babies and around the baby.

This holds especially true once we are handling anything that releases a chemical in the air, because that example, as soon as we are painting, the amount of VOCs have the right to rise come 1000 times greater than the outdoor levels.

For the reason, that is crucial to pick non-toxic, zero VOC, no odor, infant safe paint for painting a crib or nursery.

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