MAGIC item LORE ITEMSlot: CHESTAC: 8STR: +4 CHA: +9 INT: +3SV POISON: +15WT: 3.5 Size: MEDIUMClass: NEC WIZ MAG ENCRace: HUM ERU hurry DEF GNM IKS FRG DRKSlot 1, kind 7 (General: Group)Slot 2, type 21 (Special Ornamentation)
Scaled Robe the the Elder Serpent
MAGIC article LORE ITEMSlot: CHESTAC: 8STR: +4 CHA: +9 INT: +3SV POISON: +15WT: 3.5 Size: MEDIUMClass: NEC WIZ MAG ENCRace: HUM ERU hurry DEF GNM IKS FRG DRKSlot 1, type 7 (General: Group)Slot 2, form 21 (Special Ornamentation)

ItemAverage Price:
1,600pp Pricing Data...

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Rarity: usual Level come Attain: 1 This item is the result of a quest. Zone(s) discovered In:
Uploaded November 27th, 2008

My chanter stopped wearing this in donate of a Robe that the Astral. She does lose the cha, yet the int is pretty short on the Scaled Robe, and I hate how the Scaled Robe look at on one Erudite. Sort of frumpy with ugly lines. I made up for the lose of cha with Opal Encrusted Steins and also other equipment.

This pursuit is a result of the Titans search from Erudin. You have to camp the 5 Titans native Stonebrunt Mountains. This guys have actually no noticeable placeholders, entirely random spawns. The sabertooth titan (forget name) and also leopard titan (prowler that the jungle) room for the Astral cloak of the Titans, 9 int, nice for casters. The gorilla titan (the ghostback) and also the panda titan (giant yin) space for the Astral Leggings of the Titans, 10 int, again a pretty caster item. And finally the snake titan (slynder the serpent) and some type of chord result in this robe. These Titans room a *****, ive camped them for god knows just how long and also only have the panda pelt. The points i would execute for a chanter..... Lelgolas Greenleaf 55th Level Preserver Solusek Ro
This is a very great Chanter Robe. Ns still undertake mine and also will until I have the right to loot my class specific Planar robe or complete one that the Velious quests. Basically all Caster robes prior to the possibilities pointed out in mine previous statement are the same. Sure some have a little an ext Int and less Cha or much more AC and also less int... But you will constantly be trading off one stat for another in every droppable robes in this range. The crucial is to obtain the Robe v the Stats you specifically need absorbing account every your other equipment. Ns desperatley essential Cha on mine robe therefore this is what I ended up with. I even traded out my SMR because that this robe :) Edited, sat Feb 16 13:51:19 2002
Although ns agree that this isn"t a negative chanter robe, ns would never trade this in because that a SMR. The effect of charisma has actually been proven no to help all the much, while 9 int (I think that"s what"s ~ above the SMR) will offer you 90 mana at level 50. The conserve poison is just a bonus; ns rarely get poisoned, so unless it was for a particular raid the conserve wouldn"t guide me one of two people way. Blackened Crystalline Robes space a an excellent combo that Cha and Int- 6 int is 3 an ext than this robe, and 5 cha is just 4 less. I would use the BCR over these. ns honestly don"t view why this robes sell for 1200pp ~ above xev. Edit- disregard my sig, i am lvl 47. Edited, Tue Sep 3 15:04:23 2002

This items is discovered on creatures. Hm. If I just knew where and of i m sorry mob. It"s certainly a nice chanter robe, and the stats look favor its not too hard to get, is it?

wtf are you talking about? GSD and this PoS have same sv poison. and what is up with this thing going for 1.5k in bazaar and also the superior gsd just 50pp? exact same stats room on gsd and also that has actually a level 2 focus effect. Wth room sellers thinking, this robe is precious 50pp or less.

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REDACTED, Posted: Feb 14 2002 at 1:06 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Thats reason GSD sucks significant ***.
I"m guessing Stoneburnt, Rbecka. Slyder is just one of those "ancient" animals that wanders approximately SB. Khemosaabe "Tonto SPAM" Longbow (of Cazic Thule server) Lvl 54 Slayer-of-Bunny-Wabbits "Bring him come ze trousers ... Lug Him to ZE PAAANTS..."
Hail fellow huge game hunters! I got this soon after they repair the quest, since it was just offering you the cloak rather of robe at first, and I should say i was disappointed. It took me 9 death of Slyder prior to I lastly got the scale and then to find out I spent all this time tracking and camping him because that a glorified environment-friendly Silken Drape. If it had actually a distinct graphic I might not also be ********* but to spend the time to obtain a robe that has actually teh very same graphics together a Jr. Apprentice robe.... F that. I guess if I had an enchanter i wouldn"t be complaining as much because I think this would certainly be a kickass robe for a mid level enchanter. I simply thank god it doesn"t have the -5mr like the leggings and also cloak or I"d never be able to get rid the this ~ above RZ.