Social media almost collapsed under the reaction come Rihanna's costume top top Monday together the singer attended the chop Over festival in Barbados.

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The 29-year-old had teased pan by uploading picture of her new turquoise hair ~ above Instagram over the weekend.

But the look was completed on Monday together she stepped the end in a jewel-encrusted costume with green and also pink feathers. (And not lot else).

Another added the singer "officially killed me" through the costume, if others claimed she to be "blessing the internet".

The posts also attracted the fist of kris Brown - who left a comment on one of her Instagrams through the pair-of-eyes emoji.

Many of her fans were less than pleased around this, informing him to "keep his negative energy away" native Rihanna and recalling his attack on the singer in 2009 when the pair to be dating.

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At the time, Barbados was the world's largest producer that sugar, but as the sector declined, for this reason did the festival - and it was dropped in the 1940s.

But the festival was restored in 1974 and also has due to the fact that become one huge party similar in format to Notting Hill Carnival - with numerous music, dancing and also colourful costumes.

The festival, i m sorry attracts tourists from around the world, runs from July and ends in beforehand August through the cool Kadooment Day.

Rihanna has actually attended the finale parade several times end the last few years - and worn suitable attention-grabbing costumes at each of them.

To be fair, temperature are around 30C in Barbados right now of year therefore she's just dressing sensibly because that the weather, really.

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image captionRihanna at crop Over 2015: It would certainly be rude not to have actually a equivalent jewel-encrusted goblet

Part of Rihanna's outfit to be designed by DBleudazzled - a line specialising in bedazzled costumes.

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The owner that the company, known as Bleu, said Billboard she had actually to administer the tights at very short notice - v Rihanna's team just requesting them critical Wednesday.

"Over the year however, developers started gaining creative. This day it's very important to dress up in complete costume come really and also truly feel the crop Over vibe. It's exhilarating, free, and also radiant."

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