Good writing supports particular evidence and give specific facts and claims. Giving strong academic words together with organization framework that is logical and also effective. The author has to be able to move from one idea to the following giving an excellent analyzation and strategy. Good writing evokes emotion and connects things. Staying on topic v the significant claim and also topic sentences. Demands to have explicitness around the connection in the text. Furthermore, the writer demands to give specific rather than general cases in the reading.

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In the short articles “Remembering mine Childhood ~ above the Continent the Africa” and “We’re Not” both compare and contrast their life with various other people’s life utilizing evidence and also strategy.

In “Remembering my Childhood on the Continent the Africa” through David Sedaris writes about his childhood experiences and compares them to Hugh. Sedaris defines how boring his childhood was contrasted to Hugh. Whereby he speak of the exotic and marvelous points Hugh has done in his childhood in Africa if he remained in North Carolina.


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Sedaris uses various scenarios and also goes point by point to describe the differences between them. Where Hugh knowledgeable going assorted times to vacations v his family, the town hall a movie and also later see a dead male hanging and having a monkey and a horse. He additionally mentions while life in Ethiopia, Hugh is required to a field trip in a slaughterhouse and actually see just how they slaughter a live pig. This violent plot is no where allowed in the U.S i m sorry was usually illegal.

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and then compares around how he didn’t carry out such thing as soon as he walk on a fieldtrip. He claims “When I’m told together stories, it’s all I can do to hold earlier my feelings of jealousy. One Ethiopian slaughterhouse. Some human being have every the luck” wherein he provides a clear understanding to the audience exactly how badly he envied Hugh’s life and also then writes around his common historical ar trips he has been at. Throughout the essay, he portrays his life as boring and also devastating, but Hugh childhood as exciting. He often mentions in i 8, 20 and 21 around Hugh pets monkey to symbolize exactly how cheerful his life was contrasted to his. “We had a collie and a residence cat. The had a monkey and also two equines named Charlie Brown and Satan”.

Throughout his paragraphs the starts a conversation to bring out his present feelings around his childhood. Wondering what was going on v Hugh, he nearly felted common on those trips. That’s once he knew his feeling in the direction of Hugh was brought by an extremely normal conditions. Sedaris admires Hugh’s childhood; he often makes lock sound privilege i beg your pardon there space not due to the fact that they move to a new country to another. The uses shift by admiring him and also then mirroring sympathy, it counts on what Hugh has done throughout his childhood no what he thinks of him. That often explains Hugh childhood in a various tone, uninterested and straightforward when actually his childhood was out of the plain and very dramatic.

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The author uses linguistic irony in comparing his life come Hugh’s to allude out how unsatisfied the is v his life. The assumes his life would’ve have actually been far better like his and exaggerate exactly how he lives. Instead of being grateful of what that has. The ethical in this article is to evaluate what us have and also don’t compare it through others since we will never be satisfied and also would desire to have more in life. He uses parallel structure to compare himself to him whereby he basically explains how various both live and describe exactly how envious that is. The author continues to envy transparent the essay is wrapped up in ~ the finish by that saying that he “should have been happy with what he had”. What the reader later on understands is the it is David’s ignorance that cause him to be so envious. As soon as he finally changes his life around, and decides to live it come its fullest, he begins to evaluate his life and also the things that he to be blessed with.

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