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Josa from Des Moines, IaPlease, friend guys. Christians deserve to write love songs, ns don"t understand why people don"t think it"s possible. God produced love... And girls. And kinda do it that way. This tune is obviously around a girl, they"ve stated it in interviews, and a lot of these lines don"t match being about God ("everyday I spend with you is the new best work of my life and everyone watching us simply turns away through disgust this jealously, they deserve to see the we"ve got it walk on."). Eric Martin from Cavite, PhilippinesThis song deserve to be around God, or the girl. Naught else. But this is a great song! :)Steve indigenous Winnipeg, MbSorry Erik, but have you checked out the video, it"s all around a girl, i m sorry is no a negative thing, lock still have plenty the really good Christian songsRhianna from Somewhere, OhBoth the you room correct. Plenty of Christian bands do their music in a means that deserve to reach both audiences-their Christian listeners as well as the secular music audience. It deserve to be interpreted in any way the listener chooses to carry out so.Anna indigenous Ottawa, KsActually, this song have the right to be interpreted in numerous different ways. Yes, Relient K is Christian, but that doesn"t average every solitary one of your songs is about God. Erik indigenous Richmond, VaThis is a Christain Band. The is around God, and also how that does not deserve the elegant gieven to him indigenous God.see much more comments
AbracadabraSteve Miller band

"Abracadabra" was inspired by Diana Ross and also The Supremes. Steve Miller first met the girl team when they performed with each other on NBC"s Hullabaloo in 1966, and he wrote the lyrics after spotting Diana Ross skiing in the hills years later.

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black color StarAvril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne has a perfume called after her tune "Black Star." that smells much much better than she Sk8er Boi scent, i m sorry reeks of Axe human body spray and also road grime.

The method We WereBarbra Streisand

"The method We Were" was the first of five Hot 100 #1 singles recorded by Barbra Streisand. She is the just artist ever before to obtain an Oscar, Tony, Emmy and also Grammy and also record a #1 single and album.

ship Of FoolsWorld Party

One of the an excellent "we"re all going down" song is "Ship the Fools" by civilization Party, written when Margaret Thatcher was in power in England.

avoid Your SobbingPretenders

"Stop your Sobbing" was an initial recorded by The Kinks in 1964. It ended up being the Pretenders first single 15 years later, resulting in a relationship in between Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynde.

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The CaveMumford & sons

"The Cave" through Mumford & young is based upon the philosophy of Plato and his work referred to as "Allegory of the Cave."

Concert DisastersFact or Fiction

Ozzy biting a dove? Alice Cooper leading to mayhem with a chicken? Creed so poor they to be sued? see if you have the right to spot the real concert mishaps.

Billy Steinberg - "Like A Virgin"They"re play My track

The an initial of Billy"s 5 #1 hits to be the song that thrust Madonna to stardom. You"d think the would acquire you a backstage pass, wouldn"t you?

Gavin Rossdale that BushSongwriter Interviews

On the "schizoid element" of his lyrics, and a renowned line indigenous "Everything Zen."

Tommy JamesSongwriter Interviews

"Mony Mony." "Crimson and also Clover." "Draggin" The Line." The hits preserved coming because that Tommy James, and in a plot heat fit for a movie, his record firm was managed by the mafia.

Keith Reid of Procol HarumSongwriter Interviews

As Procol Harum"s lyricist, Keith composed the words come "A Whiter the shade Of Pale." us delve into that song and find out exactly how you can kind a band once you don"t song or pat an instrument.

Greg Lake the Emerson, Lake & PalmerSongwriter Interviews

Greg talks about writing songs of "universal truth" because that King Crimson and ELP, and tells us about his many memorable stage minute (it requires fireworks).