I always say and also repeat: winter in brand-new York is no easy. The temperatures space freezing and, for those who space not supplied to it, the weather can, perhaps, reason health issues. But, if you acquire sick, what to do? Well, here in the United states the pharmacies offer several medications that are marketed over-the-counter – the term offered here. These medicines are on the shelves. Yet there room so many choices and sometimes, also if you speak and also understand English, sometimes it’s tough to recognize what’s finest … part days ago, my girlfriend Paty (Nyorquina – she works doing personalized itineraries and gives far advice during your trip here! Nyorquina
gmail.com) has actually made a good post offering several tips about medicines that she constantly indicates to her clients and that are offered over-the-counter. I thought it would certainly be quite to lug this content below to the blog. You re welcome NOTE: i am no a doctor, nor is Paty, the idea is to provide guidance if you need something prefer this.

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Muscle pain – I constantly say: in brand-new York us walk a lot and a lot of of civilization are not supplied to it. Your legs will finish up feeling the difference at part point. Bengay is a an excellent cream for girlfriend to apply on leg and also relieve muscle pain.

Hand Sanitizer – it’s always great to remember: wash your hands and have a hand sanitizer on your bag. I prefer the spray versions.

Sore Throats – throat & cough Drops are an excellent to treat this problem. Cepacol is a great brand.

Back pain– warm & Cold patches are an excellent to relief the pain.

Diarrhea– let’s face it: it have the right to happens through everyone. You have the right to take Imodium.

Pain Relief – you will uncover Tylenol if you have actually pain, but you can additionally get some general Pain Relief (Acetaminophen).

Cold – when you feel the an initial symptoms that flu or cold you deserve to take Zicam. I likewise like Cold & Flu Relief, from Walgreens brand, v a version to take during the day and also at night (yellow / green).

allergy – Allergy is a sad thing – and also those who experience from it know! I carry out not choose taking pills, particularly, but if the symptoms acquire bad, look because that Benadryl. Relieves symptom such together itchy eyes and runny nose.

More necessary tips

Check out the similar versions – chains like CVS and also Duane Reade (from Walgreens group) have actually their very own brand and offer their own versions of plenty of medicines quoted below – and also others also – i beg your pardon are always cheaper. Friend just check the energetic ingredient.Drink lot of of water – constantly keep a bottle in the bag and always drink it. Keeping yourself hydrated, in winter or summer, is super crucial for her health and also well-being.Protect your head and also your neck- scarf, gloves and also cap make all the difference in her winter outfit.

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Practice physical activities – I execute not must emphasize right here the prestige of exercises because that our body and mind, right? In addition, a good physical training helps you to take it walks below with more dispositionTake Vitamin C – Vitamin C help strengthen your immune system prior to you travel.