All of the adhering to were top cybercrimes report to the IC3 in 2012 except ________.

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theft of services

A ________ is a virus the is motivated on a details date.

time bomb

A(n) ________ takes benefit of paper transport techniques to spread out on that is own.


A ________ is a virus that is attached to files such as Word or Excel files.

macro virus

Which that the complying with classifications that viruses can change its very own code to avoid detection?


With to the to computer protection, quarantining is identified as ________.

placing a uncovered virus in a secure are on the hard drive

A(n) ________ is the section of virus password that is distinctive to a details computer virus.

virus signature

________ hackers break right into systems for non-malicious reasons such as to test system security vulnerabilities.


A packet sniffer is a program that can allow a hacker to do every one of the following except ________.

launch a rejection of service (DoS) assault on her computer

A ________ enables a hacker come gain accessibility to your computer and take practically complete regulate of it without her knowledge.


You deserve to block reasonable ports from invaders and make your computer system invisible to others on the internet by installation ________.

a firewall

Which the the adhering to is formally characterized as any criminal activity perpetrated mainly through the use of a computer?


________ floods a computer system with requests till it turn off down and also refuses come answer any requests because that information.

A DDoS attack

A ________ is named after a housing construction feature that slows the spread out of fires from house to house.


Configuring a firewall to disregard all just arrived packets that request access to a particular port is recognized as ________.

logical port blocking

Rules for developing passwords include every one of the following except ________.

use a dictionary to uncover a an extensive word the is basic to remember

CAPTCHA stands for ________.

Completely Automated public Turing test to phone call Computers and also Humans Apart

Adware and also spyware room referred to jointly as ________.


________ is a routine that gathers information around your surfing actions without her knowledge.


Which that the adhering to statements about cookies is no true?

Cookies acquire your an individual information by browsing your difficult drive.

Social ________ is any an approach that uses social an abilities to generate human interaction the entices individuals to reveal sensitive information.


When malicious password is planted on her computer and also alters her browser’s capacity to discover web addresses, it is known as ________.


The net Crime Complaint facility (IC3) is a partnership between the ________.

FBI and also National White Collar Crime Center

Using your computer system for non-work tasks while you room being payment to work-related is known as ________.


FBI-related scams involve ________.

people pretending to represent official organizations

Creating and also distributing ________ is one of the most widespread species of cybercrimes.

computer viruses

Creating and spreading virtual viruses is a cybercrime.


A time bomb virus deserve to be triggered on a certain date.


All viruses cause serious damage of computer data.


The state virus and worm actually mean the exact same thing.


Which of the adhering to is not a virus category?


A macro virus is a virus that is attached come a document such as a Word record or Excel workbook.


A virus signature is a section of virus code that is distinct to a specific computer virus.


Currently, there space no antivirus programs because that mobile devices.


An encryption virus replicates itself onto a tough drive’s grasp boot record.


A worm does not require human interaction to spread to various other computers.


A zombie is one more person’s computer controlled through a hacker.


A denial-of-service attack can be provided to deny hackers accessibility to a computer system system.


A stealth virus is draft to infect multiple record types to fool the antivirus software.


To develop a certain password, you should use a mixture that uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols.


Ethical hackers are additionally known as white-hat hackers.

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All of the following are methods that deserve to infect your computer system with a virus except ________.