This colossal piece is comprised of three vast panels, measuring end 12 metres in width when placed alongside every other. Reflect of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond is own by MoMA, brand-new York City, USA.

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With so lot of Monet's career distributed thinly throughout an international art galleries and also museums, one would rightly assume that several of his best work would certainly have ended up at MoMA, i m sorry itself is one of the most far-reaching galleries in the world. The presumption would prove to be correct, with Reflections of Clouds top top the Water-Lily Pond being a notable instance of that. This large mural come in 3 panels which typically will be shown together, just as the artist had actually intended. The factor for separating this painting into three would have actually been a purely logistical decision, through the total size measure up an eye watering 12 metres in total.

The panels space dated at roughly 1920, with Monet himself functioning on this theme across a number of decades, in between other projects. Several of these murals were so huge that he would not have been may be to just work on castle exclusively, inquiry a rest from time come time in order come freshen his psychic and likewise to continually take it an all at once consideration of exactly how the composition was progressing. This has been the case with big artworks ever since the Renaissance, through Michelangelo covering several different projects whilst completing the Sistine Chapel, for example, and employing assistants to work under his direction in stimulate to store all artworks proceeding at the exact same time. Whilst Monet would certainly not speak to on assistants, he did choose to spread himself across different work to protect against reaching a stale level that creativity.

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By the moment of this painting, the artist had currently been living at this property in Giverny because that over 3 decades and also by currently had every little thing just as he wanted. The lily pond was constructed on land the was purchased separately, adjoining the early stage garden the came v the house. He made use of both components of land for various effects and also enjoyed being green-fingered himself. That is difficult to imagine who going to such lengths just for his art, without already having a enthusiasm for gardening, and the Impressionist movement itself featured a variety of other artists that enjoyed facets of horticulture within their own gardens.

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