Dabbing is dead. This is the next celebration the every sports number will have done 2 months from now.

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There has actually been one overriding layout to the university football bowl season: football player celebrating ingredient by to run in place.

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Here"s Alabama ~ its very first touchdown that the cotton Bowl:


Here space Deshaun Watson and Wayne Gallman in the Orange Bowl:

And Ohio State:

And here"s a GIF the the DBs acquiring their stride-on, by famous request. Pic.twitter.com/C6JNaDJyQ1

— Eleven warriors (
ParkerBoudreaux) December 30, 2015

And Houston:

Houston claimed they "ran turn off on the plug twice" pic.twitter.com/MYL5MkClTU

— Lil little ✨ (
ayanna_airborne) December 31, 2015

And Ole Miss:


Even pen State"s punter got in ~ above it:


This is simply a sampling.

The begin of all this is the music video for "Ritz Carlton" through Plies, a rapper who REALLY LIKES YELLING and, once upon a time, played vast receiver because that Miami (Ohio) under his government name, Algernod Washington. (Here"s a picture of him in activity -- he"s No. 5.) In the video, Plies insurance claims to have "RAN off ON THE PLUG TWICE." as in, he gained away without paying his medicine hookup, then regulated to do it again. He celebrate this achievement like this:

Plies began a motion with this "Ran off On Da Plug Twice" pic.twitter.com/1I8cfR5Il5

— Lee Harvey (
MusikFan4Life) December 24, 2015

SB country College Football

It"s simultaneously very dorky and also baller together all hell. He"s running in location like a doofus, yet he"s put on a bathrobe and also shades if holding a party in his Ritz-Carlton restroom which wake up to have money thrown anywhere the floor.

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Anyway, your favorite football player already knows around this. If it"s anything prefer dabbing, it"ll be no time until also the oldest, many out-of-touch people in the people will it is in doing it, and also you will certainly be begging for the end of running off ~ above the plug.

The the happiest person about this? Plies, who appears to it is in watching every among these games and also tweeting videos the players to run off top top the plug twice. The least happy human is maybe Plies" plug, that now needs to watch renowned athletes storage his embarrassing encounters v Plies. Bad guy.

* * *

SB nation presents: everyone is copying electronic came Newton"s dabbing

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