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Rafael Caro Quintero, a Mexicandrug trafficker had four youngsters with his wife María Elizabeth Elenes Lerma.
In 2013, the DEA linked the Elenesbrothers to Rafael Caro Quintero"s list of people and also companies associated tomoney laundering of illegal activities.
Elenes Lerma, born in Culiacán,Sinaloa is determined by the US federal government as one of the key accomplices inCaro Quintero"s jae won network along with her children: Héctor Rafael,Roxana Elizabeth, Henoch Emilio and also Mario Yibran.
They are attached in a perform of 18 people and also 15 companiesestablished in Guadalajara that was offered to launder assets, follow to astatement from the DEA.

Héctor Rafael Caro Elenes is theeldest child of the "Narco de narcos" and María Elizabeth Elenes. Hewas born ~ above December 18, 1975. He is at this time 44 years old.
Héctor Rafael is one athlete whobelongs to the Guadalajara Jockey Club, whereby he participates in occasions of theJalisco Equestrian Association, as well as in the mexican EquestrianFederation, a body that authorizes Caro Elenes to take part in national tournaments.
He participated in the CentralAmerican and also Caribbean gamings in Colombia 2006, whereby he won the yellow medal inteam jumping.
Caro Elenes represented Mexico inthe Olympic games in Beijing 2008. He won the classic of the Jalisco EquestrianSchool in 2010.
In this list, Denisse BuenrostroVilla, mam of Héctor, the only in-laws that Caro Quintero pointed out in the list,also appears. Denisse shows up as the legitimate representative that the company"El Baño de María".
Héctor shows up as the majoritypartner of the firm "CX Shoes". In addition to his three brothers,he own properties in the Guadalajara urban Area, such as a home ranch situated in the Villas Universidad subdivisionin Zapopan.
The Caro-Elenes brothers own aproperty in Zapopan v an area that ​​approximately11,933.11 square meters dubbed "El Tigre", "Nixticuilt", or "La Salitrera",according come the Indigo Reporte.

Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes isRafael Caro Quintero"s second daughter v María Elizabeth Elenes Lerma.
Roxana to be born on January 17,1978. She is right now 42 years old. Roxana is married to Jesús Briseño Gómez España.
One the the suppliers related toRafael Caro Quintero"s money laundering is "El Baño María S. De RL deCV", a company specialized to the manufacture and commercialization ofsoaps, creams and beauty commodities created in September 2004.
According to a report through Indigo,in this firm Martha Briseño Gómez España and Martha Gómez España Gonzálezappear as shareholders, the last is the mom of Jesús Briseño Gómez España,husband that Roxana Elizabeth.
In might 2004, they end to beshareholders and also ceded the organization to Denisse Buenrostro Villa, HéctorRafael"s wife, who continued to be as the legit representative of the agency El Bañode María.
In enhancement to gift the owner ofthe abovementioned together through his brothers, Henoch owns premises number 5 ofthe Plaza actual del Valle, in the mountain José del Valle subdivision in Tlajomulcode Zúñiga, follow to Indigo Report.
Mario Tibrán Caro Elenes was bornon June 11, 1983. The is right now 37 years old. Mario appears on the perform ofthe United says Department the the Treasury in addition to his brothers.
In 2008, Henoch, together withRoxana and Mario, obtained the 37-hectare "Casas Blancas" property,which is located in Zapopan, Jalisco.
The suppliers that room owned/managedby the children, wife and daughter-in-law that Caro Quintero were had in thelist that the United claims Department the the Treasury in 2013 connected to illicitactivities are: ECA Energeticos, SA de CV, a station firm of service; ElBaño de María, S. De RL de CV, a bath and also beauty assets store; Pronto Shoes,SA de CV (also well-known as CX-Shoes), a shoe company; and also Hacienda las Limas, SAde CV, a will spa.

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