Medically the evaluation by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN — composed by MaryAnn De Pietro, CRT — to update on July 8, 2017

A kidney, ureter, and also bladder (KUB) study is one X-ray study that enables your doctor to assess the offal of your urinary and also gastrointestinal systems. Doctors deserve to use that to aid them diagnose urinary disorders and causes of abdominal muscle pain. Lock can also use that to assist them identify the size and position of her bladder, kidneys, and also ureter.

Doctors order a KUB examine to identify ab pain the they can not use diagnosed yet. Human being who have symptoms the gallstones or kidney stones may likewise be candidates for this study. Having actually a KUB examine may assist your medical professional confirm a diagnosis. Someone who has actually swallowed a international object might additionally benefit from the study, which can help the doctor recognize whether the thing is in the stomach.

During the test, X-ray images are take away of the frameworks of your digestive system, consisting of the intestines and stomach. The KUB procedure can help your medical professional diagnose certain gastrointestinal conditions, such as:

an intestinal blockageforeign objects in the stomachcertain tumorskidney stones and also certain species of gallstones

Your medical professional can additionally use that after a procedure. For example, they can use it to confirm if a feeding pipe or ureteral stent is in the correct location.

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A human is exposed to short levels of radiation during a KUB study. The risk of radiation exposure from an X-ray is considered minimal compared to the benefits of the details your doctor can gather from it.

If you pregnant or you have any kind of medical conditions, tell her doctor prior to having this study. They may need come take distinct precautions or not execute this study at all.

If you take bismuth, her doctor might recommend you avoid taking it because that a couple of days prior to the test. Bismuth is offered to act diarrhea and heartburn and also can interfere with abdominal X-ray imaging.

A KUB examine has few if any type of risks. In part cases, lie in the correct position and also holding still for the X-ray may reason minor discomfort.

This study frequently takes location in a radiology room or center. An X-ray technician performs it. The procedure deserve to be done on one outpatient basis, or her doctor might order that if you’re currently staying in the hospital.

Preparation because that a KUB research is minimal. Before the study, you’ll change into a hospital robe or gown and remove all jewelry. The X-ray technician will define the procedure, which entails these steps:

The technician will certainly ask girlfriend to continue to be in a specific position relying on which check out of your organs your doctor would favor see.A lead apron may be placed over components of your body that aren’t walking to it is in X-rayed. This apron protects certain body parts from the radiation that the X-ray machine emits.Once you in the exactly position, you’ll must remain tho while the X-ray technician directs the X-ray an equipment at her body and also takes the images.

In part cases, your doctor may need lot of views and also you may need to relocate into one more position for an additional image.

X-ray outcomes are usually easily accessible within a few minutes. Her radiologist will view the images and also interpret the results. Outcomes of a KUB study may show injuries to your stomach or intestines, fluid in your ab cavity, or a blockage of her intestines. In addition, outcomes may display the visibility of kidney stones or gallstones.

The X-ray technician will certainly go end the outcomes with your physician and added testing may be crucial for a complete diagnosis. Your physician or nurse will notify you the the results. The X-ray technician no qualified to interpret the results.

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A KUB research is a safe and reasonably harmless procedure the can give you and also your physician a look at at your kidneys, ureters, and bladder. The examine can help your medical professional diagnose pains or a condition right away, or it may be a preliminary step toward a diagnosis.


Medically the review by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN — composed by MaryAnn De Pietro, CRT — updated on July 8, 2017