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0631152636 Good+; Hardcover, No Jacket; Withdrawn library copy v the conventional library markings; light wear come the covers; Library stamps to the endpapers; text pages are clean & unmarked; Binding is terrific with a straight spine; This publication will be stored and delivered in a sturdy cardboard box v foam padding; Medium style (8.5" - 9.75" tall); Black fabric covers through title in yellow lettering along the spine; 1988, Blackwell Publishing; 224 pages; "Mary Stewart, Queen in 3 Kingdoms," through Michael Lynch. Seller list # SKU-U30GD08503017

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Title: mary Stewart, Queen in three Kingdoms

Publisher: Blackwell Pub

Publication Date: 1988

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: Good


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thank you for acquisition an attention in one of our books. Please watch the "Shipping Terms" section listed below for details on our shipping and also returns policies. We are a mail-order only bookstore located in Bellingham, WA specializing in contemporary out-of-print publications of every genres. We extensively clean all books that we market for sale and also do all basic book-repairs ourselves. Straightforward repairs encompass repairing slanted bindings, applying extr glue to hinges the have come to be excessively loose, hinge-tape repairs for damaged hinges, minor binding split repairs, gluing small tears in exterior that covers, remove (as much as possible) of black color marker marks to covers that ex-library books, remove of smaller non-permanent stickers, straightening of minor bowing to covers or spine, and applying coat protectors to publications with take it or breakable jackets or for especially pristine or collectible books. We do not do major binding repairs, and any un-repairable binding splits or basic weakness in binding will certainly be noted. Any far-ranging repairs such as a hinge-tape fix will likewise be noted. This repairs perform not usually change the underlying problem grade, but do do the book an ext presentable. Some publications are beyond aid and will certainly be detailed as "Fair/Acceptable" or "Poor". We execute not follow ILAB grading guidelines as we sell newer books throughout many venues. Our grading system is based largely on Amazon's grading system. Previous library duplicates are never ever graded above "Good" nevertheless of level of wear. Us watch closely for any signs that water damage, and even young water damages will be graded no much better than "Good," and also all signs of water exposure will be noted. Listed below is a list of the condition grades we use, in descending order:New/FineLike New/Near FineVery Good++Very Good+Very an excellent MinusGood++Good+GoodFair-to-GoodFair/AcceptablePoorVery PoorWe shot to grade accurately, yet condition qualities are often subjective, therefore our grading in top top the conservative side.

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Thank you for acquisition an attention in one of our books. Please watch the "Shipping Terms" section below for details on our shipping and returns policies.

We space a mail-order just bookstore located in Sedro Woolley, WA specializing in contemporary out-of-print publications of all genres.

We extensively clean all publications that we sell for sale and do all simple book-repairs ourselves. An easy repairs encompass repairing slanted bindings, applying extr glue come hinges that have become excessively loose, hinge-tape rep...

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