The Myths, Legends, Art, and history Behind the Brilliant game "Ôkami".

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Himiko (lit. “Sun Priestess”), also called Pimiko, was a shaman ruler of Yamatai, a an ar of Japan thought to be situated in contemporary Yamato province. She ruled practically two thousand years ago and is said to have been instated as ruler after a long line of masculine leaders created years that war and conflict. Himiko was in contact with the Wei kingdom of old China, and so most of what us know around her today comes from Chinese documents of the time. This quote comes from the Account that the civilization of Wa:

The nation formerly had actually a guy as ruler. For part seventy or eighty year after the there were disturbances and also warfare. Thereupon the people agreed upon a mrs for your ruler. Her surname was Himiko <卑彌呼>. She inhabited herself with magic and sorcery, bewitching the people. Despite mature in age, she stayed unmarried. She had actually a younger brother who assisted her in judgment the country. After ~ she became the ruler, over there were few who observed her. She had one thousand women as attendants, yet only one man. He offered her food and drink and acted as a medium of communication. She lived in a royal residence surrounded through towers and stockades, with armed guards in a state of continuous vigilance. (tr. Tsunoda 1951:13)

All the this (except for the warfare and also her brother, uneven he’s the Emperor?) should be familiar. This id that she bewitched her world is reflect in Issun’s uncertainty that she resulted in the torment in Sei-an City. She was rarely seen in the public, together she wanted to store to her palace (both in legend and in the game), i beg your pardon bolstered his suspicions. Her palace is massive, sprawling and also with a tall central structure, and also of food is surrounded by guards and walls. Within are only handmaidens. Her alleged shamanistic abilities are additionally seen in she command the the crystal ball. The branch she stop is the sakaki, a spiritual plant supplied in shinto rituals. Together for the divine burning pyre on her head… the art publication merely states they want “something a tiny extra”.


After Himiko dies, four massive stones are set up behind the palace as a memorial. The actual Himiko was additionally given a massive funeral mound. In fact, the Chinese documents say that she to be so loved, over one hundreds attendants, both male and also female, eliminated themselves. Possibly in grief, maybe to attend her in death, I’m no sure.

Aside: The throne saw a king after she death, i beg your pardon drove civilization to the murder and assassination the hundreds till it was provided to one more female.

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This might make a really interesting post-game fanfic…

Sources: Wikipedia (there’s tons more information there, actually)Heritage of Japan (lots of other into below too, to add models of an old building style we check out in Princess Fuse’s house. Himiko’s royal residence was originally modeled in this style, however they to update the architecture to a grander Heian style of architecture.)