We were feeling a small sad as soon as we gotten rid of our beautiful coffee filter flowers (Paper flowers for Spring) indigenous our life room windows. They to be so vibrant and also colorful, and they included an extra touch that playfulness to the room. But they had to come down, in order to make room for these amazingly fun (and same colorful) blown Paint window Clings!

We are when again in love with our living room window decor. The glowing hues of the flowers, ladybugs, and butterflies are perfect because that Spring and Summer.

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During this past holiday season ns came across these adorable vacation Minion home window Clings (over top top One small Project) and also I to be smitten. I had no idea the you can create such marvelous home window art through puffy paint. Together it transforms out, Debbie is pretty lot a DIY window cling expert! She additionally shares this DIY Ladybug home window Clings post on her impressive blog.


I was recently scrolling through pictures of my must-try art projects, once I came across Debbie’s home window clings when again. While ns love the holiday-clad Minions (we will definitely be make a couple of of them come Christmas-time) the ladybugs and also flowers seemed an ext appropriate because that this time the year.


I loved the cute tiny ladybugs the Debbie created, so of food we had to do a couple of of our own (with a few flowers too).

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Then we made decision to add some butterflies, a frog, and also a vibrant caterpillar. I’m sad come say the the caterpillar did not endure the peeling procedure (I think if I had made his repaint a little bit thicker, it would have worked better), but he was funny to look in ~ while that lasted.