A metal-themed an obstacle on Wednesday’s episode of Project Runway every Stars took one designer a small too far out of she element. The staying 10 contestants were instructed to create an “elegant red carpet carpet look making use of metallics,” one that likewise includes a “unique texture.”

For the many part, the designers seemed pretty i was sure going into this challenge — perhapstooconfident. Michelle Lesniak, that prides it s her on her work-related with metallics, to be the an initial to brag,declaring this the “sparkle dazzle challenge.” Irina Shabayeva, meanwhile, gave us a full rundown that the stars she’s pull on red carpets: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and also Selena Gomez.

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In fact, the only designer who seemed even slightly pertained to was Anya Ayoung-Chee. The winner that Season 9 spent the entirety episode worrying the she wouldn’t have enough time to construct her outfit, and also when that fear eventually ended up being a reality, she leaned on several of her fellow designers for assistance in finishing the look. Virtually every judge pretty lot hated her finished product, i beg your pardon Georgina Chapman likened come a right jacket. Guest judge Wendy Williams was the dress’ only supporter, which have to tell you everything you need to know about how trashy it looked.

For all these reasons, it was hardly surprising as soon as Alyssa Milano educated Anya that she would certainly be leaving the compete this main — though ns doubt Michelle supposed to it is in standing beside her in the bottom two, specifically after the huge game she talked previously in the episode. (And speak of talk smack, ns love that Sean Kelly’s look ended up winning also after one of his fellow developers judged him for overusing fringe.)

“I’m really thankful for the chance to push myself due to the fact that the level that talent and also skill in this compete is very high,” Anya said.

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“To go home over something where I take it a bigger possibility feels OK. When giving up is not an option, we are capable of so much much more than us realize, and also I am so happy that ns was able to show myself that I have that in me.”

Do you think Anya was the right designer to walk this week? and are girlfriend glad the Michelle buried the hatchet through Dmitry Sholokhov, also if he turned right around and referred to her copying together “flattery”? Whatever’s on her mind,drop it in a comment below.