All the our creates are situated online for straightforward use and accessibility prior to comes in to accomplish with among our certified professionals.

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Prior to determining the appropriate treatment, every designated persons will go with a thorough evaluation by our staff.

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Therapy Services

Many services are available at ours facilities. Please inspect out our online brochures.

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Who we Are

We wanted to take it the chance to present ourselves. Project suggest of light is a program that specialization in the assessment and also treatment of sex-related offenders, individuals with problematic sexual behavior and victims of sexual abuse. We have remained in existence for about twenty 5 years beginning with william Allenbaugh, MA, CAC in DuBois and also expanding to Shippenville v Brenda Manno MSW, LSW in 1996. The regimen is an authorized treatment website through the sexual Offenders evaluate Board and follows the guidelines established by the Association because that the treatment of sex-related Abusers.

Ms. Manno has actually written therapy programs for residential program that specialization in dealing with juvenile sex-related offenders in the state of Ohio. She is a board Member because that the sex-related Offenders assessment Board and has assessed end a 1,000 sexual offenders due to the fact that her appointment. 

We encourage you to reach out to united state for any kind of questions you might have.

If you have an emergency, please speak to 911.

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Our Locations



Address: 850 Leonard Str. Clearfield, PA 16830

Phone: 814.205.4004Directions: Click Here


Address: 20231 paint Blvd. Shippenville, PA 16254

Phone: 814.226.1159Directions: Click Here

Office Hours

BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY.Monday - Friday 8:00 to be to 4:00 pm

Appointments might be detailed outside that normal company hours by necessity only.

Important Links

Megan"s Law

National residential Abuse Hotline

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