A modern day retelling the the classic story The Frog Prince. The Princess and also the Frog finds the stays of arrogant, carefree Prince Naveen and also hardworking waitress Tiana cross paths. Prince Naveen is transformed right into a frog by a conniving voodoo magician and Tiana, adhering to suit, ~ above kissing the amphibian royalty. Through the aid of a trumpet-playing alligator, a Cajun firefly, and also an old remote lady who resides in a watercraft in a tree, Naveen and Tiana need to race to break the spell and fulfill their dreams.The Princess and also the Frog full movie digital free

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Genre: Family,Romance

Director: John Musker, Ron Clements

Actors: Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos, Jennifer Cody, Jim Cummings, Keith David, Michael-Leon Wooley, Peter Bartlett

Country: USA

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