I’ve played the even more contemporary releases, Realm and Napoleon: Total War, but have never felt the same thrill as playing the original via its bad graphics, inspiring pre-battle speeches and endless playcapacity. Released in 2004, it is still widely renowned as one of the finest army strategy games of all time. Even currently I can’t sheight playing it. Our family bought a copy quickly after its release, and also my brvarious other and I spent our Saturday and Sunday mornings taking transforms on the family computer playing it. We absolutely loved it.

Why then, 14 years later on, am I talking about it? Since I’m not the only one still playing. Prince_of_Macedon has actually been developing YouTube content for Rome: Total War for over a decade, having uploaded over 2,000 multiplayer videos on Total War Gamings amongst other strategy titles. I got in touch via him to talk around our love for a 14 year-old game and also why love playing it so a lot.

The initially question I had to ask was how he obtained his name. Why did he select Macedon over other excellent archaic empires and also civilisations? Unfavor many civilization, Prince_of_Macedon invested numerous days coming up through the ideal in-game name. Having determined to focus gameplay on Total War games, he made a decision to honour his favourite commander Alexander the Great, yet humbly generalised the title to Prince_of_Macedon bereason “tright here was no method I might be like Alexander the Great.”

Prince_of_Macedon has actually uploaded content for the contemporary releases from Creative Assembly, Medieval, Realm, Napoleon and Rome II Total War titles, but these are vastly outnumbered by the number of Rome: Total War uptons. Why is this game, out of all the franchise, the one that Prince_of_Macedon loves the most and has actually produced the many content?

“It’s still the best Real Time Tactics game that features my beloved faction, the Ancient Macedonians, after all of these years. Rome 1 is still the ideal by far. The gameplay is a lot even more unique than the more recent Total War titles…If you choose Rome 1 gameplay, then you will additionally gain Middle ages II: Total War. Since I’m more of a guy of Antiquity, I stick through Rome 1.”

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14 years given that its release, exactly how long does Prince_of_Macedon think he’ll proceed to make content on Rome: Total War?

“I’ll play until I obtain sick of the game. But let’s hope a new company makes a far better Real-Time Tactics game set in this time duration. I don’t think Creative Assembly is qualified of making this a reality. They’re intent on making use of the very same game engine over and over for Warhammer, Rome II, Attila, etc. It’s not fun, and also nobody is listening.”

Rome: Total War has actually quotes on the loading screens as you fill into and out of campaigns and also battles.

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Which is Prince_of_Macedon’s favourite?

“‘A collision at sea have the right to destroy your whole day.’ I constantly chuckle when I hear that. It’s no favor ‘no crap!"”

Rome: Total War is £6.99 on Steam and if you’ve never before played this groundbreaking strategy game, Prince_of_Macedon and I extremely recommfinish you offer it a try!