I’ve played the more modern-day releases, Empire and also Napoleon: total War, but have never felt the same thrill as play the initial with its poor graphics, motivating pre-battle speeches and endless playability. Released in 2004, that is still extensively renowned as one of the ideal military strategy games of every time. Also now ns can’t protect against playing it. Our household bought a copy quickly after the release, and also my brother and I invested our Saturday and also Sunday mornings taking turns on the family computer playing it. We absolutely love it.

Why then, 14 years later, am i talking about it? because I’m not the just one still playing. Prince_of_Macedon has been producing YouTube contents for Rome: total War for over a decade, having actually uploaded end 2,000 multiplayer videos on full War Games amongst other strategy titles. I acquired in touch v him to talk about our love because that a 14 year-old game and also why love playing it for this reason much.

The an initial question I had to ask was exactly how he obtained his name. Why walk he pick Macedon end other great archaic empires and civilisations? Unlike numerous people, Prince_of_Macedon spent several days coming up through the appropriate in-game name. Having chose to focus gameplay on full War games, he made decision to honour his favourite command Alexander the Great, yet humbly generalised the location to Prince_of_Macedon since “there was no way I could be choose Alexander the Great.”

Prince_of_Macedon has uploaded content for the contemporary releases from an imaginative Assembly, Medieval, Empire, Napoleon and also Rome II complete War titles, however these space vastly surcharge by the number of Rome: complete War uploads. Why is this game, out of all the franchise, the one that Prince_of_Macedon loves the most and has developed the many content?

“It’s quiet the ideal Real Time Tactics video game that features my lovely faction, the old Macedonians, after every one of these years. Rome 1 is quiet the finest by far. The gameplay is much more distinct 보다 the newer full War titles…If you choose Rome 1 gameplay, climate you will additionally enjoy middle ages II: complete War. Due to the fact that I’m an ext of a man of Antiquity, ns stick v Rome 1.”

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14 years because its release, just how long does Prince_of_Macedon think he’ll proceed to make contents on Rome: total War?

“I’ll play until I get sick that the game. Yet let’s expect a new company provides a much better Real-Time methods game collection in this time period. I don’t think an imaginative Assembly is capable of make this a reality. They’re will on making use of the same game engine over and over for Warhammer, Rome II, Attila, etc. It’s no fun, and nobody is listening.”

Rome: full War has price quotes on the loading displays as you pack into and also out the campaigns and also battles.

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Which is Prince_of_Macedon’s favourite?

“‘A collision in ~ sea can destroy your whole day.’ I constantly chuckle when I hear that. It’s no favor ‘no crap!"”

Rome: full War is £6.99 on heavy steam and if you’ve never played this groundbreaking strategy game, Prince_of_Macedon and also I very recommend you provide it a try!