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A background of the president"s mystery daily national security summary.

Since the john F. Kennedy administration, the CIA has produced a daily an introduction of news and evaluation for evaluation by the president and a grasp of an elderly officials. The President"s day-to-day Brief, well-known colloquially as “the book,” is share top mystery and contains practically up-to-the-minute knowledge from human being agents, digital intercepts, and other sources. Former CIA knowledge officer Priess interviewed more than 100 former senior U.S. Policymakers and intelligence public representative to develop this background of the PDB, relenten its formats, production process, distribution, and also daily presentation to the president end the course of fifty percent a century. Presidents have responded to the PDB with varying degrees of enthusiasm; Richard Nixon distrusted the CIA and also often ignored it, while George H.W. Bush, a previous director of main Intelligence, devoured that every morning in the firm of at the very least one agency briefer. Barack Obama it s okay his on an iPad, a change in format that permits near real-time updates and also hyperlinks to more thorough analysis. Despite his considerable research and clear prose, Priess is disadvantaged by a significant limitation. Because the materials of the PDB are classified, that can"t discuss any kind of of them. As a result, while that lays out in significant detail how the book has been assembled, that saw it, whether the president desired an accompanying briefing or review it alone, and so forth, Priess is not permitted to describe how or why the PDB ever made any kind of difference to anyone. Reader hoping to obtain insight into how CIA briefings have actually affected certain national defense decisions will be disappointed; the president"s book retains the secrets. The author is additionally loath to criticize any kind of of the book"s an initial customers, even when your overextensive circulation of the publication jeopardized its verity or as soon as they scorned it altogether.

The CIA might value this deferential piece of institutional history, however civilian readers will certainly learn tiny of interest from it.

Pub Date: march 1, 2016

Page Count: 400

Publisher: PublicAffairs

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