Teaching prepositions and prepositional phrases is among the many engaging grammar an abilities to teach. There room so numerous fun tasks and resources available. From books to videos come tossing paper airplanes across the room, these tasks are certain to create some memories while helping your students understand the use of prepositions.

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When TeachingPrepositions, start with aBook or a Video

Incorporating a publication or a video into any lesson is sure to connect learners. Luckily, over there are rather a couple of picture books and videos you deserve to use as soon as teaching prepositions. Quite a few include preposition phrases and are perfect for upper elementary students.



The adhering to videos come from paid websites. If you perform not have a membership, you can sign up for a psychological period.

Whole group Lesson

As with any new skill, clear instruction is necessary. Totality group grammar lessons have the right to incorporate posters, anchor charts, or interactive notebook activities. The cheat is to use something that is visually appealing because that students and also that castle can easily transfer right into their notebooks.

Anchor charts typically take a little more time, yet students generally love come incorporate this in their notebook. Girlfriend can create one in class and have them follow along, or you can produce a notebook sized one, copy it, and give it to the students come glue right into their notebooks.

Provide exercise Activities

Activities for teaching prepositions and also prepositional phrases room a fan favorite once it involves students and teachers. This is due to the fact that it deserve to involve as much motion as you’ll allowed. Acquire ready because that a ton the engagement and lots of learning.


1. Preposition Charades

Choose a student to begin off. Offer them an index card through a prepositional expression on it. (Ex. Under the desk, next to the computer, top top the chair) have actually the college student act it out and also have various other students raise their hand and try to guess: v what the prepositional phrase is.


2. Paris Objects

Yes, you review correctly, but don’t overcome this one of the list due to the fact that it is among the students’ favorite activities and gets anyone in on the action at once. Ns promise you, students will LOVE either one of these activities.

Flying Airplanes: In this version which I an initial discovered indigenous Stephanie from to teach in Room 6, students wrinkles a sheet of file into a paper airplane. Students will throw the paper airplane throughout the room. Where it soil or whereby it flew, students compose it ~ above the paper airplane together a prepositional phrase. (Ex. On the table, under the chair, in between the desks, behind the bookshelf)Snowball Fight: This variation is precisely like the plane version except that students will crumble a sheet of file and toss it throughout the room. Once it lands, students unwrinkled their paper and compose the prepositional expression inside the snowball.

It is finest to provide students various colored record for the snowballs, so they can easily identify them as soon as they land beside someone else’s. It is also best to have students use a mite to write. (Pencil might make it more difficult to review as the document gets much more and much more wrinkled.)


3. Detective Work

Have student take out the publication they are currently reading. Give them each 2-3 difficult notes. Have the students look for 2-3 sentences in their publication that contain a prepositional phrase. Have them compose one sentence top top each difficult note and also place them on a prepositional phrase anchor chart.

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4. Digital task Cards

Digital job cards space an easy, no prep, and also engaging way to have actually students practice prepositional phrases. They deserve to be used during centers, in small groups, or as a whole group activity.

Assign together an task to complete technology centerGive one laptop or tablet computer to a pair that students and also have them work-related on the task cards togetherProject the digital task cards top top the board and also have college student answer making use of independent white boards