Please pray because that the safety and security of christians in Egypt. Christians in Egypt have actually often, including over the food of the year come date, been targeted in violent attacks and also murdered on account of their faith. Please pray for God’s healing and protection because that those who have survived attacks and also God"s comfort and also peace in the families and also communities of those who have been slain. You re welcome pray the Egyptian authorities will certainly be moved to far better protect Christian communities. You re welcome pray the Church in Egypt will thrive and God"s love will certainly be known and also felt across the land.

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Across the Arab World, speak openly around doubts and questions on religious issues is strong discouraged. Sadly, there is a discernible trend of young world from Christian family members declaring us to be atheists. They have actually real doubts about their faith however many parents space not equipped to interact with your children. To attend to this challenge, Arab Vision is creating a 13 component series: Help, my child claims to be an atheist to be transfer on satellite channels across the center East. The programmes will aid parents to it is in open around their confidence with your children. Counsellors in our follow Up Team will be accessible through social media and also telephone, text, and also email to respond to viewers’ questions. Pray that the series will satisfy the needs of families and their children.





On the an extremely edge the Cairo is a overfilled slum area wherein a Christian ar called the Zabaleen scrape a life by collecting rubbish. In ~ these an overwhelming conditions, Embrace’s partner, the Salaam Centre, offers a clinical clinic, a school, legal advice and also programmes tackling a selection of social concerns such as residential violence, addiction and hepatitis C prevention. Pray for community projects amongst Egypt’s poorest people.

At the very least seven people were killed and eleven hurt in a terrorist strike on 2 November 2018, as soon as attackers opened fire ~ above a bus acquisition Christians to visit a monastery in Minya, upper Egypt. The Coptic ar has been the target of numerous assaults in recent years. Pray for God’s hand of protection and also blessing over them.

From isolation come independence: Embrace’s partner BLESS, i beg your pardon is component of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church, is transforming the resides of visually impaired females by nurturing your independence. Their programme supplies training in everyday living skills, technology, social an abilities and leadership, transforming the resides of females who have spent many of their lives in isolation. The project likewise involves sighted ladies as volunteer mentors to befriend the participants and promote their inclusion in the community. You re welcome pray because that Egyptian women broadening their horizons.

Embrace’s Christian partner the Coptic Evangelical derekwadsworth.comanisation because that Social services (CEOSS) runs wellness and breakthrough projects for negative Egyptian communities. They room tackling major health issues, including breast cancer. Teams from CEOSS take it mobile clinics to remote, rural villages where healthcare services room sparse, if indeed present at all. They carry information and education and also diagnostic services; the heathcare team can likewise refer human being for treatment need to it it is in necessary. The mobile clinic has actually a mammogram and each job they lug care and also support to 30-40 women that otherwise would simply not acquire this type of an easy service we all take for granted. Please pray for all whom they serve.

At the very least 47 civilization were killed and also over 100 injured in the recent bombings that hit two churches phibìc of Cairo during Palm Sunday services. One bomb went off in Tanta in the Nile Delta region and an additional in Alexandria. Please pray the God will comfort his world in Egypt. The an initial bomb exploded inside St Gederekwadsworth.come’s Church in Tanta, death at least 29 people, follow to a relax partner; 75 others to be injured. In the second attack, a self-destruction bomber detonated his an equipment outside St Mark’s Cathedral, death at the very least 16 people and injuring 33. A Release companion said afterwards: “May God have actually mercy on ours country and also may the prayers the the church past our borders be a source of stamin to the Egyptian church, which has actually stood solid against persecution because that 14 centuries.”

Following the battle of St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo and also an assault on faithfulness in upper Egypt, comes to were raised that there could be a return to the anti-Christian violence of 2013, which adhered to the military’s overthrow of president Mohammed Morsi. At least 25 people, greatly women and children, were eliminated in the explode in the capital in December 2016 and dozens much more were injured. 2 weeks before, christians in the top Egypt village of Al-Nagameesh in Sohag governorate were targeted by a mob the went on the rampage, damaging homes and businesses. Pray for security for our fellow believers in Egypt.

Egypt’s Christian community are in mourning after ~ 27 believer died and over 60 an ext were injured in a bomb attack on a church in Cairo. “This sent out shock waves across the Christian neighborhood all over Egypt” claimed an open up Doors partner. “Is this the beginning of another wave of violence against Christians in Egypt?” Discrimination and violence against Egypt’s Christian minorities goes earlier a long method and blasphemy situations are frequent. “Please pray that the heart of fear would not find a foothold in the Christian community” he said, and that christians “would receive the spirit of fderekwadsworth.comiveness and be able come express this open in the name of Christ.” Pray because that peace and also protection because that Egypt’s Christian community.

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In September the Egyptian parliament authorized a controversial brand-new law spanning the building and renovation that churches. While it’s an excellent that the regulation addresses the concern of building churches (which can previously only be authorized by the president), this new law is really vague and also could tho be quite restrictive. You re welcome pray that it would certainly be amended, therefore it truly protects the appropriate to construct places of worship. Sadly, a rumour that a new church is being built can quiet spark a lot attack. 2016 experienced a spike in these incidents, an especially in upper Egypt. Please pray for Christian neighborhoods to be protected from together attacks, and the hatred behind them. 

The Egyptian seaside city the Alexandria has become home to hundreds of Syrian refugees. This frightened, desperate civilization face high rents, low employment and minimal access to healthcare. This makes pregnant women particularly vulnerable as they battle to attain medical treatment during their pregnancies. Adopt the middle East’s partners at Refuge Egypt have actually been responding to this need by offering antenatal and also maternity services at Alexandria’s Victoria Hospital, particularly for refugees arriving from Syria. And medical care the women obtain food parcels and also iron supplements and also can attend classes on child development, nutrition and also breastfeeding. Pray for the thousands of women throughout the Middle east who space pregnant or with an extremely young babies that are cut off from your homes and families by the Syrian war. Pray because that Refuge Egypt together they look for to offer those who have lost everything and also are trying come rebuild your shattered lives in a strange land.