The Erectheion is an important ancient Greek temple located in Athens. The temple was to replace the archaic Athena holy place that had actually been increased by the Persians and also was the second most vital temple uncovered in Acropolis throughout Pericles’ structure peiod . The was constructed north the the remains and also was to be a composite shrine the honored the goddess Athena. The Erechtheion was began in 230 B.C.E. Perfect in 405 B.C.E. Just before the autumn of Athens to Sparta. It"s situated on the vision of a mythical challenge said to have taken place between Poseidon, the sea god, and Athena. In this contest, Poseidon provided a salt-water well for the location by stabbing his trident into a rock, while Athena provided and olive tree and also won the contest. The rock that Poseidon stabbed is now situated in the phibìc Porch of the Erechtheion. Some sources say that Mnesikles was the designer the the Erechtheion while rather say the builder is unknown.


The Erechtheion was constructed asymmetrically, i m sorry is an extremely unique compared to the Doric Parthenon’s across the method and for a Greek temple in general. The structure is irregular since it reflects the need to incorporate the dig of Kekrops and also other shrines into one compound. The Erechtheion had actually to be developed to conform ~ above the steep of the hill since of the curvy terrain. Each side was set on various ground levels and also had various characters. The builder but could no make it level or aid this since it would influence the spiritual sites.

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Decorations and also Shrines:

The Erechtheion had actually multiple functions including housing countless shrines, prefer the wood cult statue the Athena that was the facility of the Panthenaic festival. This frosting was put inside the Erechtheion prior to the Persians attacked. One area that the Erechtheion has actually a spiritual spring specialized to the Erechtheion, a legendary King that Athens. During Erechtheus’ power as king, Demeter was claimed to have helped the Athenians in the arts of cultivation crops and also other vegetation. The Erechtheion also contains a memorial come Kekrops, the legendary founder that Athens. Kekrops was said to be fifty percent man, fifty percent serpent and to have judged the battle between Athena and also Poseidon. The Erechtheion had friezes, which to be a decorative band the went around the top component of a wall surface in a room. They were provided special care, and made indigenous specially picked dark blue limestone of Eleusis to contrast with the white Pentelic marble that the walls and also columns.

The Porches:

The north and also east porches symbolize Ionic kind on the Erechtheion.

The porches were constructed using the Ionic order, which is more complex and decorative than the Doric order. The columns construct up from the bottom and also end in volute capitols, or spiral capitols. Top top the West finish of the south side, over there are 6 female figures acting together columns that are referred to as caryatides that assistance the porch. These change the Ionic columns.

The Porch that Maidens (displayed on the right):

The porch of maidens is top top the south side of the temple and it faces the Parthenon’s. It is the most vital feature the the Erechtheion in the they display the many detail and also curves on the women supporting the roof native the floor. The Erechtheion has an easy Doric capitols and it also has caryatids. ~ above the Porch of the Maidens, the women space standing ~ above one foot taking many of the weight, while the other leg is bent at the knee and also laid ~ above the round of the foot. This in turn gives a feeling of calm grace and also gives the maidens one effortless look. Three maidens space standing top top the left if the other three space standing on the right offering the porch a feeling of symmetry and rhythm. The maidens space wearing a dress that drops vertically; the maiden’s hair is loosely tied up, but contains huge knots about the neck which provides the maidens show up natural and also human.


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