Dear Dr. Roach • ns love fish and also chips. Ns eat them when a month. I have tuna and other fish throughout the month together well. Quite often, the fishy odors linger because that days until all remnants have actually left mine body. Is there anything I deserve to do to against the smell? i feel the others deserve to tell once I have consumed fish. The odor originates from my mouth, my urine and my feces. — J.C.A.

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Answer • Fish, specifically deep-saltwater fish, save a substance dubbed trimethylamine oxide. After fish die, that is converted by bacteria and also enzymes in the fish come trimethylamine, which is mainly responsible for the “fishy” odor; that gets stronger over time. Trimethylamine in humans is excreted v sweat in addition to urine and feces. People have different amounts of the enzyme that breaks under TMA so there’s a variance in the noticeable effect of fishy breath and also sweat after consuming fish. A very couple of people absence the enzyme entirely.

TMA can be washed turn off of fish, and also can be broken down by acid, such together in lemons. Rinsing fish before cooking or making use of lemon throughout or after cooking will to decrease the odor result on you.

Other foods also may reason an noticeable odor in the sweat and urine. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and asparagus can readjust the odor of urine and sweat, as deserve to garlic, onions and some spices. Alcohol, especially in excess, have the right to be picked up by world with spicy noses. Males who ate no meat for two weeks were uncovered to have a “more pleasant” body odor than those that did.

Dear Dr. Roach • A friend told me she was provided a bowel regimen because that a minimally invasive procedure. She stated that she didn’t need to drink any kind of solution the night before, and her doctor and also nurse practitioner never debated the issue. Deserve to you tell united state what a “bowel regimen” is? — K.C.H.

Answer • A regimen is just a prescribed treatment. In the context of an upcoming procedure like a colonoscopy, a bowel regimen way using medicine to evacuate the colon. The colon demands to be north so the examiner can see the lining that the wall.

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The most usual bowel regimens are nonabsorbable large molecules in a solution that has actually a salt balance comparable to the of the body. This pass with the colon fast sufficient to to wash away all the components of the colon, preferably there is no affecting the salt levels of the blood, which have to be kept tightly regulated. These deserve to be short volume (2 liters) or high volume (4 liters). They room effective, yet don’t taste particularly pleasant . In helpful terms, this method a same amount of diarrhea.

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Dear Dr. Roach • I have been having colonoscopies regularly because 1990. I was due because that one critical year, however postponed as result of COVID-19. Mine previou…