I to be not certain if i should include an article. Should I usage a typical or means or a means??

Prior understanding as method to combat ...

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Prior understanding as a typical to combat ...


Prior knowledge as a way to combat ...


Knowledge is uncountable, and also so does not usually take either an indefinite article, or a plural ending. Like other uncountables, it can sometimes be used as countable, once it refers to a specific instance or a particular type (I cite this because that completeness: it"s not pertinent in her example)

Means (in this sense) is singular, despite its -s ending. The can additionally be plural, therefore the short article a is used when the is singular, not when it is plural.

Since knowedge is (uncountable and) singular, singular means is most suitable here.

So the most idiomatic the your alternatives is:

Prior knowledge as a way to combat ...

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Colin FineColin fine
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I think you need to use means, uneven you"re talking about the reality that there is simply one possible way. Way show that there room multiple ways.3rd sentence sounds right. One factor would be that "a" refers to the reality that "prior knowledge" is one means to combat. For example, "Guns together a way to combat", "a" shows how guns can it is in one way to combat.I"m not certain whether 1st or third is correct, I would say 3rd(?).
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Eddie Kal♦
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