March 2 is Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday! If you’re in search of some catalyst, examine out these cat in the hat activities to try via play dough. You’ll desire to add these ideas to your list of Dr. Seuss tasks to try with the youngsters.

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play dough cat in the hat activities for kids

I purchased all the materials we supplied locally, yet I’m including affiliate links to similar items listed below (for your reference).

MaterialsWhite play doughRed play doughGlass gems – red andclearPony beads – red and whitePipe cleaners – red and whiteWhite navy beans (dry)Red garbanzo beans (dry)Letter stamps

PrepThe kiddos and I made our play dough, but keep bought would certainly work simply as well. I am in love via The Imagicountry Tree’s white play dough, so we made that first. Then we provided her no-cook play dough recipe to develop our red play dough (I just included red food coloring to the hot water). NurtureStore is my various other go-to website for play dough recipes!

I offered red food coloring to dye a handful of dry garbanzo beans. And Next off Comes L has an alternative dyeing approach if you’re in search of one.


Set UpAll of the bits and also bobs were put in a sorting tray I picked up from The Dollar Tree ages earlier.

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I decided to be added goofy and also arranged the play dough in a pattern prefer the cat in the hat’s hat. Sometimes I’m easily entertained!