As we age, the years often tend to show on our skin. This is especially true if you have actually had excessive exposure to the light ray of the sun. While there are countless ways to boost your skin tone and texture, some people are wake up to seek them because of fear of invasive actions that may cause pain and downtime. If friend are one of these people, you might be really interested in visiting Alma rose for our Plasma MD Pen treatment.

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What Is the Plasma MD Pen?

The Plasma MD Pen through Plasma principles is the only FDA class II-cleared compact plasma power delivery an equipment for skin rejuvenation. While there are many plasma pens on the market, the Plasma MD pen is the top plasma technology compact handheld device for non-surgical skin restoration. It provides proprietary ARC an innovation to supply tighter, smoother skin with an excellent long-term results.



What does the Plasma MD Pen Treat?

The Plasma MD Pen can treat all indications of skin aging, consisting of fine lines and also wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. That is additionally effective on blemishes like period spots, freckles and moles and also can be provided on skin tags, large marks, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation. At your consultation, us will comment on whether this therapy is ideal for you.

What deserve to I Expect during Treatments?

The treatment simply entails us gently functioning the pen across the targeted treatment area, creating microwounds when the plasma generates one ARC, an electric discharge the does no make call with the skin. Over there is no cut involved and minimal uncomfortable which we can easily regulate with analgesics if necessary. The entire procedure need to take no an ext than half an hour, depending upon the size of the area gift treated.

What room the results I have the right to Expect?

After a quick healing period, you have to expect to check out an prompt tightening and smoothing the the skin, with much more even skin tone and texture. As collagen production continues to improve, having been created by the plasma pen, you should see even much more improvement over subsequent weeks. If you have actually tried other plasma pen in the past, you may be amazed at exactly how much more effective the Plasma MD Pen is.

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Visit Alma climbed for Plasma MD Pen therapy in Greenville, SC

The Plasma MD Pen is the just FDA course II-cleared therapy of the kind and also we at Alma Rose have seen incredible results when using this device. Accept no substitutes. If you room interested in finding the end whether or no the treatment is ideal for you, contact us for our finish consultation endure by submitting the kind below or through calling united state at 864-565-7673.