CodyCross Planet planet Group 15 Puzzle 1 answer . The Alien will be counting on her inalienable help in stimulate to check out this brand-new word while fixing its secret puzzles follow me the way. The objective of the game is to finish every puzzle by finding every the civil liberties words within, including additionally a secret one i m sorry is concealed vertically in every puzzle stage.CodyCross Planet earth Group 15 Puzzle 1 AnswersCLICK THE CLUE girlfriend ARE searching THE prize FOR

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Minions is one ___ comedy filmPeriod between brand-new moonsAnother native for damaged boneThe pen is __ than the swordPlace or point that is typically seenAn elevation on the soil a summit__ Devils play football in ~ Wallace go Stadium__ Franklin very first American and also Founding FatherSouth American country the funding is AsuncionSpecies of fish that resides in groups; forage

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