Is that an city legend, or completely real? In the past, it’s been evidenced that there were real human remains within Disneyland’s Pirates the the Caribbean attraction. And, if girlfriend know precisely where to look, you’ll view what is believed to it is in a true person skull inside the ride, and places wherein others when stood. Let’s take a look at the strange and bizarre medical history behind this standard Disney attraction…

Real Skull in Pirates that the Caribbean

With over 50 year of transporting riders v the golden e of Piracy, Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disneyland Park staple. Among the many immersive attractions produced for the park, Walt Disney himself was associated in the attraction’s conception and creation. Originally, he want a wax museum kind of walk-through, but seeing how popular the Carousel of progression was in 1964, drive his Imagineers toward his audio-animatronic an innovation to produce the journey we understand today.

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The ride opened up to Disneyland guests in 1967 and gathered rave reviews. In spite of the ride’s updates and also changes, it’s continued to it is in a optimal attraction in ~ the park, motivating over five films, goods collections, and characters in the parks.


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