I'm working on a plank game and also the template is the Pirates. I have a few characters in this game, and I'd favor to produce a background because that each that them.

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I believed of making wanted Posters together they made in the manga "One Piece". But I asked myself if this posters really existed for the Pirates that this time (I'm talking about the golden e of Piracy, so 1650-1700 ns think) in this shape or in another. Or is that pure fiction ?


TL;DR: Those "Wild West" Posters didn't have real equivalents in the golden e of Piracy, simply a pair text-only proclamations because period circumstances would make that close to impossible to pull off a "Wild West" format poster with photo and everything.

Long explanation:

I only recognize of one thing that might be thought about a "wanted" poster. There was a 1696 proclamation for the pirate Henry Every for his arrest and offering a £500 reward. That doesn't look at anything like the classic wanted posters that most are familiar with indigenous the 19th century (especially the "wild west" stuff). Right here is a much more readable copy that the Proclamation and here is an initial on screen in the St. Augustine Pirate & treasure Museum.

I'm guessing I'll acquire these two inquiries sooner or later, therefore I'll answer them now:

How come lock don't have a snapshot or comprehensive descriptions top top the poster/proclamation?Among the period documents I've watched relating to pirates in the 1690 to 1725 period, descriptions of pirates room limited. There have been some, such as a rapid sentence in the duration Boston Newsletter describing Blackbeard (or Edward Thatch) together a "tall spare male with a an extremely black beard which he wore very long" or pirate captain Paulsgrave Williams' (often sailed under or in consort v Samuel Bellamy) explained in a deposition of john Lucas, grasp of the ship Tryal on April 13, 1717 as, "a middlesized man of a dark brown complexion put on a peruke." But, this descriptions are quick and couple of in number. Nothing sufficient to carry out a great image anyway and also even then, that doesn't equate to something that would certainly be good enough because that an i can identify picture. The photos of pirates the are also close to gift made during the golden age of Piracy are all created from the imaginations of artists who never ever saw castle in real life. Climate there's the whole company of the constraints of period printings offering a realistic sufficient reproduction of such a image for identification. So beyond not having evidence that such an image was ever made that a pirate from real life encounters for a want poster, the ability to carry out it wouldn't yes, really be over there to perform it either.

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How come much more Proclamations weren't put out like this and why go Every obtain one?Pirates played destruction to trade and order in the higher Atlantic world and also in the Indian ocean from time to time - it's true. Lot of of period newspapers had descriptions of strikes by pirate attacks that take it place. You only sent out proclamations when there to be a hazard that required such a proclamation. The pirates individually during the golden age of Piracy didn't need proclamations (especially as soon as it could be hard at times to trace which ones to be doing what), yet they did obtain one collectively in 1717. Not just did this "A PROCLAMATION for Suppressing the PYRATES" native Hampton Court top top September 5, 1717 offer a pardon to pirates the surrendered themselves (that's a generalization, but besides the point), they additionally offered blanket rewards come capturing/taking pirates the didn't surrender themselves. It read as following:

And we execute hereby additional declare, the in Case any type of Person or Persons, on, or after, the 6th Day that September, 1718, shall find or seize, or reason or procure to be found or seized, any kind of one or much more of the stated Pyrates,...shall have and also receive as a Reward for the same, viz. For every commander of any type of pirate delivery or Vessel, the amount of £100<,> for every Lieutenant, Master, Boatswain, Carpenter, and also Gunner, the sum of £40<,> for every inferior Officer, the sum of £30<,> and for every personal Man, the amount of £20.

So through this proclamation, it basically did what one of your "wanted posters" would yet without needing specific information to every individual pirate and also addressed the greater threat from every the pirates. Also, if you're wondering why separation, personal, instance warrants weren't issued, don't forget this is before the U.S. And before the entirety "innocent until proven guilty" era. Courts ran a little bit differently back then.Henry Every, meanwhile, was from a duration before that proclamation. First, he and also his English comrades who had actually been recruited (questionable term, but besides the point) to guy ships because that the Spanish mutinied and also took a sizable delivery of force (the Spanish to be allies come England at the moment in the nine Years War, or the battle of The grand Alliance). Also his actions caused some political concerns with England's trade partners in India. Every attacked and captured rich vessels from the an excellent Mogul in way to expedition to Mecca. Huge amounts of riches were taken and also atrocities enacted upon the passengers. But, they to be English pirates, and also the civilization from India did not see much difference in between the pirates and the English authorities themselves, and held the English responsible for the pirates. This trade in between India and England hosted a far-reaching position in the English economy, so it took a high priority because that the government to hunting down and also prosecute to present that lock wouldn't tolerate such actions. Comparable issues taken place with the privateer turn pirate william Kidd (and i can't remember/find if a comparable proclamation went out v such a reward because that him).For much more information ~ above Henry Every and/or Captain Kidd, i recommend E.T. Fox's King the the Pirates: The Swashbuckling Life of Henry Every (though, good luck obtaining that book these days) and Robert C. Ritchie's Captain Kidd and also the War against the Pirates (it's a much better and more scholarly publication than Mr. Zack's book The Pirate Hunter)

Oh, and also if you room still going to make your board game and want to do stuff watch period, consisting of the font, this should be a help, someone went ago to the old newspapers of the 17th century and also 18th century and made fonts based on the old form (they room really spot on): http://iginomarini.com/fell/the-revival-fonts/