Complete Symbols of Death / Eulogy for the Dead, after which Captain Furrante will ask you to aid him additionally in exreadjust for a lot of coin. However before, the matter is "delicate", and also so he requirements your word you"ll finish the task on pain of death. As you learn, "delicate" suggests "helping slavers." Whether you protest or not, he"ll tell you where to go next (Crookspur Island).

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Once you leave Dunnage, Aeldys will sfinish you a missive asking you to side via her on this matter, opening up a 2nd route whereby to finish this search, as in-depth listed below.


Furrante route

Sail to Crookspur Island north of Dunnage. The merchant sells Patinated Plate (legendary hefty armor), Grave Calling (legendary sabre), and also Helm of the Falcon (which you can obtain a discount on later).

Take a left from the entrance and also enter the auction, after which Marcca will certainly direct you to the master (Kua). Kua will increate you the Wahaki are attacking his ships and so he wants their crucial civilization killed.


Sail to Ori o Koiki yet additionally north. As you enter the area, Aloth will certainly engage you, progressing The Painted Masks. Continue onward until you reach the tribe leaders and take them down. Loot the bodies to get Kahua Hozi (superb spear), and also examine Ruasare"s body to uncover a link to the Leaden Key (aacquire advancing The Painted Masks).

Continue clearing out the area, then return to Kua, that will certainly give you a discount on his stock.

Rerotate to Furrante to get Major Hopeful reputation with Principi sen Patrena and also to obtain 2500G, 16875 XP full, and Fleetbreaker (distinctive crossbow).

Aeldys route

Meet Aeldys in Ft Deadlight and also she"ll ask that you complimentary the slaves of Crookspur.

Sail to Crookspur Island north of Dunnage. Ignore the cprices and also the seller for now; soptimal to Seafol and also ask if she"s the contact and she"ll point you to the adjacent cavern.

Crookspur Dungeons

Go eastern right into the cavern, swimming right into the brighter tunnel. Once inside the cave, take the surrounding leave to Crookspur Island. At Crookspur Forest, fight the tigers and various other adversaries, then loot Ball and Chain (superb flail). At the thicket, you"ll uncover Dragon Pendant.

Back in the cavern, take the southeast path to Crookspur Dungeons. If you have actually Mechanics 12 or so, you have the right to ssuggest complimentary all the slaves from their cells on the spot. Otherwise, take out Taskunderstand Grom in Torture Chamber first, making use of his crucial to unlock them. Loot the room to acquire The Willbreaker (superb morning star).

Once all the slavers in the dungeons are cleared out, take the stairs to Crookspur Fort to take out yet more slavers. Loot the northeastern weapon rack to obtain Shining Bulwark (impressive large shield). Exit to the auction yard and take dvery own yet more slavers. Afterward, speak to Handsome Eliam on the auction block to have him sign up with your crew.

Go southern to the shore, stealing Grave Calling (legendary sabre) and also TEXTPatinated Plate (legendary heavy armor) from the crates, then go back to Aeldys. Upon transferring the news, you"ll receive Major Confident reputation via Principi sen Patrena, 2500G, Blackblade"s Hood, and 16875 XP complete.

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Sail northeastern of Crookspur to Ori o Koiki and also tell the people leader the news to earn a further 12150 XP.