Jeanne was born in the duchy the Bar, then additionally under the duc de Lorraine, to a peasent-farmer v a minor main position in the town of Domrémy (Lorraine) in 1412?

Daughter of Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée. Jeanne was the 4th born. Three older brothers. Jacquemin, Jean and Pierre. One younger or older?, Sister: Catherine. Jeanne’s father, mother and also brothers funeral sites space unknown. Jeanne and also her dad didn’t have actually a really good relationship. She had a much better relationship v her mom then any one, and also learned about, like how to bland linen cloths, to spin cloths, house keeping skills, and also especial religion. From she father she learned to farm and also to attend the animals.

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Jacques or Jacquot d"Arc (Jacques d"Arc du Lys)

Born in 1380 – Ceffonds, Haute-Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, FranceDeceased in 1431 – Domrémy-la-Pucelle, Vosges, Lorraine, France, age at death: 51 years old

His name has actually been tape-recorded with miscellaneous spellings, consisting of “Jacob d’Arc,” “Jaqes d’Arc,” “Jacques Tarc” and also “Jacques Darc.”

Father that the Maid, to be born about 1375 at Ceffonds, in the diocese that Troyes, follow to the Traité sommaire the Charles du Lys. The was about the time the his marriage that he created himself at Domrémy, for Isabelle Romée to be from Vouthon, a village seven kilometers distant. He appears to have delighted in an honorable position in this countryside, even if it is he was rich, together some have actually implied, or not.

In 1419 he to be the purchaser of the Chateau de I’Ile, with its appurtenances, placed up at auction that year. In a paper of 1423 that is explained as doyen or sergeant of the village; he as such took rank between the mayor and the provost, and also was in fee of collecting the taxes, and also exercised features analogous come those that the garde Champêtre. The exact same year finds him among the 7 notables that responded for the village in the matter of tribute imposed by the damoiseau that Commercy.

In 1427 in vital trial held before Robert de Baudricourt, captain that Vaucouleurs, he to be again acting together a delegate of his fellow-citizens. We know that he opposed with all his strength the mission that his daughter, whom he wished come marry off, without a doubt. However, he checked out Reims because that the coronation that the King, and also the King and also the municipality defrayed his expenses and also gave that a steed for his go back to Domrémy.

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He to be ennobled in December, 1429.Jacques d’Arc passed away 1431, the is said, the sorrowing over his daughter’s end.