Videos, examples, solutions, and also lessons to help Grade 3 students discover to draw a scaled photo graph and a scaled bar graph to stand for a data collection with numerous categories. Resolve one- and also two-step “how countless more” and “how plenty of less” problems using info presented in scaled bar graphs. For example, draw a bar graph in which each square in the bar graph can represent 5 pets.Common Core: 3.MD.3

Suggested learning Targets

I deserve to make a scaled snapshot graph or bar graph with numerous categories to stand for data (e.g., one square or photo represents 5 objects).I deserve to read and also interpret scaled bar graphs in bespeak to solve one- and also two-step “how plenty of more” and “how many less” problems.

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3.MD.3 - snapshot Graphs or PictographsThis video explains exactly how to read and interpret a pictograph. It’s all about vital information. This video clip illustrates the concept behind photo graphs in the common Core standard 3.MD.3.A pictograph is a graph the compares categories to each other using pictures.

How to do a scaled photo graph with several categories to represent data?A photo graph displays data using icons or images to represent the numbers.

Bar GraphsA bar graph is a graph that compares quantities in each group to each other using bars. If you’ve ever before been curious or confused about how to read and also interpret a bar graph, then watch this video. This video addresses 3.MD.3 in the typical Core State criter for Mathematics.A bar graph compares amounts in categories to each various other using bars. The bars perform not touch. The scale is the value of every line ~ above the y-axis.

How to do a scaled bar graph with number of categories to stand for data?Bar graphs display data utilizing bars to represent the numbers.

How come solve problems using bar graphs and photo graphs?

Bar Graph - grade 3 usual Core StandardsIn this video, we usage a bar graph to answer number of questions.

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