Were castle only different in society and language or were there physics differences in between the 3 groups?

Did they every belong to the exact same ethnic group (Celts)?

For those who don"t know "ethnically distinct", i mean might they be distinguished by shared physical qualities of face, elevation or otherwise? did a Gael look prefer a brittonic or a Pict?

I can"t uncover anything pertinent from mine preliminary research.


This area has evolved much in the past couple of decades the research. You room asking "ethnicity" no race (there are only 3, possibly 4, "races" of people on the world. I should include as an edit that this is thought about an outdated model). Ethnicity divides us right into smaller groups from there. Http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/how-many-major-races-are-there-in-the-world/

To the question...a couple of studies have actually been done on the hereditary derekwadsworth.com of England:


The recognize is the very first genetic proof to confirm what some excavators have lengthy been arguing: the Celts represent a tradition or culture rather than a hereditary or racial grouping.

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The study was originally expecting to check out a unique Celt bloodline...but no:

"I had assumed in ~ the an extremely early stages of the project that there was going to it is in this uniform Celtic fringe extending from Cornwall through to Wales into Scotland. And also this has an extremely definitely not been the case," that told BBC News.


"People in southern Wales are additionally quite various genetically to civilization in phibìc Wales, who room both various in revolve to the Scots. Us did not discover a single genetic group matching to the Celtic traditions in the west fringes the Britain."

So the answer is yes, Britons and also Picts are genetically different from the Celts, though Celtic society appeared to dominate their genetics did not. Lock still would certainly have had many consistent features as much as illustration goes, however they room genetically distinct.

The study additionally notes that there room two hereditary groupings in north Ireland: among which also contains individuals across the sea in western Scotland and the Highlands; the other has individuals in southern Scotland and southern England.

I think the northern Ireland genetics found in Scotland space Pictish bloodlines

It appears that "Britons" is a pretty hefty simplification together well and represents 5 or 6 distinctive genetic groupings:

Prof mark Robinson, an excavator who works v Prof Donnelly in ~ Oxford University, claimed he to be "very surprised" that Celtic groups in Cornwall, Wales, north Ireland and also Scotland had such different genetic patterns.

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I"m tho trying to determine influence of this new discovery...but the Cheddar Man could give us various insights here... The Cheddar Man"s DNA may make up close to 10% the a Briton"s genes and that an extremely well may make a distinctive physiological difference. More to come.