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Civ Leader: Darius ICiv Bonus: Archaemenid Legacy:Golden periods last 50% longer. During golden ages, her units receive +1 movement and a 10% combat stamin bonus.Unique Unit: Immortal:Requires Bronze functioning Tech, Upgrades come Pikeman, Obsolete v Civil business The Immortal it s okay +1 combat strength over the spearman that replaces, v a complete of 8. That\"s not a major boost, but significant enough - end 10%. They also heal at double rate. Medic is a good upgrade for them when taking the end barbarians.Unique Building: Satrap\"s Court::Requires Banking, Market constructed Satrap\"s Court replace instead instead the Bank and also gives +2 happiness in enhancement to the usual 25% wealth.Strategies/Ideas: Money and happiness go hand in hand I always say. The Satrap\"s Court is a pretty uncompromising upgrade together opposed to a continual bank. The immortal isn\"t poor either, however the Archaemenid heritage is where it\"s at v Darius. You deserve to have 20+ turn golden ages if you room smart and also build Chichen Itza! do the many of the by ensuring that most tiles around you have actually at least 1 gold and 1 hammer so that you practically twin your production and income. Switch end to production focus and build other Wonders, broaden your military. Simply don\"t waste the on building wealth or research. Make the boom times periods of development. The is, unless you\"re virtually bankrupt.

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Civilization Bonuses, distinct Units, Strategies and Openings
Sid Meier\"s Civ 5 is a deep strategy game. I produced these individual civilization Guides to highlight the strengths of your specials and unique units. If you have actually an opener or reminder for play this Civ that you would prefer to share with other readers, please usage the comments type below.

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Part Guides room in need of update and will be enhanced to a brand-new standard of top quality or altered to reflect gameplay transforms in G&K and also Brave brand-new World.
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